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Duff Goldman offers a lifetime of birthday cakes to anyone who finds his stolen Corvette


Duff Goldman, the star of "Ace of Cakes" who we caught up with earlier this week about the opening of his bakery Charm City Cakes West, is crying in his frosting. 

Goldman moved to L.A. to open the Santa Monica location of Baltimore-based Charm City Cakes, only to have his 1962 Corvette stolen from his brother's driveway in Sherman Oaks while Goldman was in Canada judging a cake competition. It's a jet-black 'Vette with a red leather interior that he spent the last three years rebuilding. The car had 150 miles on the rebuilt engine and was in mint condition.

"I'm pretty sure I'll never get my car back," Goldman said, "so I hope whoever has it loves it as much as I do, drives it as fast as I did and plays the radio as loud as I did. I really do hope they are having a blast and that I never bump into them."

Duff says he's devastated and is offering birthday cakes for life to anyone who finds the car or returns it.

Meanwhile, in a Charm City Cakes West update: The by-appointment-only bakery is now set to open July 1, pushed back from June 1, and is taking orders for that date and beyond. See the website.

-- Betty Hallock

Photo credit: Duff Goldman

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Next time put a Lojack in your car. All you dummies with classic cars wake up. lojack is small investment.


62 was the best Vet ever and the only one I've ever had the hots for. If it wudden the neatest, Todd n' Buzz woodena driven one......they woulda put the show on hold until a foxier one came along. Mercifully, for all us Rt 66 fans, none ever did.http://bit.ly/kv5EQf

That break my heart to hear, so sorry about the Vette! Free Charm City cakes for life if I find it, though? I'm on the hunt already!


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