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Peep Art: A conversation with the Princess of Peeps

April 14, 2011 | 10:46 am


Springtime is Peeps time.

For some people that means gobbling up the squishy sugar birds and bunnies that pop up in the supermarkets each Easter. For others, it’s become a tradition to submit Peep dioramas, paintings and sculptures to the many Peep art competitions held around the country.

To find out more about Peep art, I spoke with Sandy Oxx, executive director of the Carroll Arts Center in Westminster, Md. For the past four years her small museum has played host to an annual Peep Show fundraiser, inviting people in the community to make Peep-inspired art.

She estimates she has processed over 600 pieces of art made out of and inspired by Peeps -- everything from a life-sized “Where the Wild Things Are” monster sculpted in Peeps to a 2-by-3-foot mosaic portrait of Jesus made entirely out of the little birds (it’s called “Sweet Jesus.”)

Because the art center is housed in a former Deco movie theater, Oxx also collects stop-action animated Peep movies the center receives.  “Peeplet,” a re-enactment of "Hamlet" using Peeps, was a recent entry.

“It’s amazing what people do with Peeps,” Oxx said. “Some of it is artistic; some of it is a play on words. I’m kind of jaded so it’s the real works of art that get me excited.”

According to Oxx, one great thing about Peep art is that the Peeps never seem to go bad. “We have Peep artworks from two to three years ago that still look great,” she said. “They preserve beautifully.”

Oxx agreed to let us show some of the Peep art her museum has collected over the years. Click here to enjoy the Peep Show.



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