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Jamie Oliver and LAUSD seem to be playing nice ... or at least nicer

British chef Jamie Oliver and his crew are not declaring victory. Yet. But there's lots of talk about the final episodes of his "Food Revolution" reality TV show season in Los Angeles.

The new superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, who officially began the job  Friday, long after Oliver was told he could not step foot in LAUSD school cafeterias, has been friendlier than his predecessor. John Deasy issued this statement ahead of Oliver's return to L.A. next week to finish the season:

“I am looking forward to meeting with Jamie Oliver to find out how we could mutually work together to benefit the children of Los Angeles,” Deasy said.

Spokespeople for Oliver wouldn't comment this morning. They say things will get worked out when the chef comes to L.A. next week.

Stay tuned.

-- Mary MacVean

Photo by Associated Press

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Finally! LET JAMIE IN... all he's trying to do is help. Sure it might expose how bad things really are, but it'll get better if we let him help

This is author and columnist, David Lawrence Dewey.  I have been writing about the dangers of hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, MSG, excess sugar in processed food and other toxins in the food supply since 1996.

I was the first journalist to warn consumers about hydrogenated oils and aspartame in 1996.

Hydrogenated Oils-Silent Killers

I have written an extensive article about this fiasco with the LAUSD school district and I show by actual school menu items, what is in them and how deadly they are. This has been kept from students, parents for too long.  You can read it on my website at:


If you are a student, I ask you to please read this article and the links to my other articles on the deadly toxins in processed food and how children as young as ten are developing diabetes, heart disease,learning problems because of poor diet.  Tell and email your friends about this article and if you have one of these diseases I would like to hear from you.  You can contact me through my website.

Jaime Oliver is trying to save lives, just as I have since 1996, let him in the schools!

How exciting!! I really hope they let him in. Jamie has helped start a food revolution here in my house and I hope there's more kids and families he can help.

LAUSD is not responsible for the obesity and diabetes epidemic that afflicts children, but I am glad that Jamie Oliver is opening the discussion and John Deasy is interested. The real problem is that many of not most public school kids come from low-income families who have limited access to healthy foods in their neighborhoods due to cost or availability. If public schools are willing to enhance healthy food programs, including building curricula around the concept of growing produce in school gardens, the kids and their families will benefit not just in the short term of their school tenure, but in taking the concept of the "food revolution" forward into healthy choices for the rest of their lives.

@ Troubled: How well exactly do you think children learn on unhealthy, processed, microwaved, fried, greasy food saturated in fat, sodium and filled to the brim with sugar, additives and artificial ingreditents?

How about this- you go eat at your local high school every day for a couple of weeks and see how your mood, alertness, energy, and performance at work is affected, then come back and tell us how health and nutrition for children in schools is a low priority and has no causal affect on learning and behavior.

I fully support Jamie Oliver's program and hope that through his work he can bring about a positive change in our schools' lunch choices.

This idea that Jamie Oliver is a savior riding to the rescue of food served to LAUSD students is laughable, especially at a point where that district is cutting hundred of millions, if not billions, of dollars from its budget year after year. And let's not get into the amount priovided for a school lunch. He wants to ban chocolate milk from school lunches? OK. Is that really what you want John Deasy working on? Or would you rather have him focus on classroom knowledge. Is chocolate milk great? No. But is it THIS important? Jamie Oliver is simply using LAUSD as a foil to raise his own profile and sell his TV show. Of course, LAUSD now has to spend its limited resources time and money dealing with this publicity hound so that they don't look irresponsible.

Want to change the food served to our schoolkids Jamie Oliver? Go tackle the agricultural lobby in Sacramento and DC. Change the rules by which school districts have to operate and then come back to get the changes made at the local level.

I hope that LAUSD does work with him finally. I have a child that will enter the school system this Fall so I have an interest in how this all turns out. Good Luck Jamie!

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always gotten. Childhood obesity needs our immediate attention. Keep fighting, Mr. Naked.

Great job Jamie

What is wrong with lausd? Do they want to give unhealthy food to kids? Why wouldn't they want the kids to have healthy food????

WHAT IS WRONG WITH LA???? What is the big secret? Why so much drama and why do the schools want to hurt the children? Look at the schools..most children are overweight and its the schools job to teach and ACT on good health. Obese people will always have more medial problems and Insurance companies are either going to go broke, raise rates or we have socalized medicine which is NOT something that Americans will tolerate. START with the children and have them teach their parents who obviously dont know how to take care of their children.

To Whom It May Concern:
Jamie Oliver is a pioneer for the food industry and in making a difference in the level of food acceptable in U.S. schools-he should be commended for his valiant efforts. I support him 100+%!
The food choices in school cafeterias should be at least as healthy as a responsible parent provides at home. There are economical choices when it comes to eating healthy. There is too much sugar, sodium, and other ingredients that should not be part of the food choices for kids.
Today's youth rely on the leadership of adults who should be making the best and healthiest food choices for themselves.
Jamie Oliver is outstanding and I hope that the LAUSD embraces him!
Thank you,
Eric in Los Angeles

Whether one believes Jamie Oliver is a panacea is not the point . The LAUSD

bureaucracy has always been years behind , and it is ashame that educational

establishments are not at the front when it comes to ideas. I hope we as learners

know that we must always have high expectations, and the knowledge that there

is always a better way

Let Jamie in, already. Let's see what he has to offer. Whatever it is will likely be a big improvement.


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