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Counting down to Easter with some of our favorite Easter candy: Peeps

April 22, 2011 |  6:00 am

You know it's Easter when the Peeps arrive and take over the supermarket shelves.

We're counting down to Easter by celebrating some of our favorite Easter candies. What are your favorites? What did we miss? So far, we've covered the Whitman's Sampler, Cadbury Creme Eggs, See's chocolates and Godiva chocolates. You can read them all here. But nothing says Easter quite like a marshmallow chick.

Price: $1.99 for 10 peeps

Where you can buy it: Grocery stores, drugstores

Claim to fame: Peeps, most popular around Easter, have a reputation for being indestructible.

Pedigree: Peeps were born in 1953, tediously made by hand in a process that took 27 hours to create a single marshmallow. In 1954, the company mechanized the process and it now takes six minutes to make one Peep. Starting with orange pumpkin-shaped Peeps for Halloween in 1958, the company soon began making shapes other than the familiar chick, so we can get our fix year-round: ghosts and cats for Halloween, hearts and teddy bears for Valentine’s Day and snowmen and trees for Christmas. Sugar-free marshmallows debuted in 2007 and the newest Peeps are dipped or covered in chocolate.

Fan favorite: According to the latest survey, the chick still holds the No. 1 bestseller spot, though it has at times been closely challenged by the bunny. Yellow is the bestselling color.

Sales figures or production figures over the last five years: The privately owned company produces over 2 billion Peeps a year -– enough to circle the Earth twice. Eight hundred million of those are for Easter alone.


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--Kelsey Ramos

Photo: Kelsey Ramos