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Counting down to Easter with our favorite Easter candy: Cadbury Creme Eggs

Cadbury300 Easter symbolizes many things. Rebirth. The arrival of spring.

And candy.

We're using the arrival of Easter Sunday as an excuse to celebrate our favorite spring and Easter candies. What are your favorite Easter candies? Monday, we caught up with the Whitman's Sampler. Today: The Cadbury Creme Egg

Price: About $1

Where you can buy it: Supermarkets, convenience stores and big box stores

Claim to fame: First sold 40 years ago, Cadbury Creme Eggs are now one of the British chocolate company's most popular candies despite being sold only a few months out of the year.

If you associate these egg-shaped chocolates with clucking bunnies, you're probably not crazy. In 1982, Cadbury launched its "Clucking Bunny" campaign to advertise its fondant-filled eggs.

What's changed over the years: In the U.S., they've gotten smaller. This didn't escape the attention of "The Office" actor B.J. Novak, who drew attention to this candy reduction during a 2007 appearance on "Late Night With Conan O’Brien." He brought an egg of yesteryear and a present-day egg for a side-by-side comparison. The egg of today was noticeably smaller. Today, Cadbury Creme Eggs in the U.S. are five grams less than their British counterparts (34 grams versus 39 grams).

Fan favorite: Cadbury Creme Eggs are its staple product, but variations include the Caramel Egg, Treasure Eggs (hollow chocolate eggs with treats in the middle) and Eggheads (hollow chocolate eggs decorated with a festive wrapper).

Sales figures or production figures over the last five years: Cadbury Creme Eggs are sold only about four months out of the year, but annual sales exceed $300 million globally. In the U.K., they are the bestselling confectionary from New Year's to Easter. (Cadbury was recently purchased by Kraft Foods in a deal that creates the world's biggest chocolate company.)


Sweet Jesus! Peep art

Sending a message with chocolate

Celebrate Easter with a spring-fresh menu

-- Jason La

Photo: Cadbury

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You can't beat peanutbutter chocolate eggs

Just a word of warning for anyone buying cadbury's chocolate, if possible try get the stuff that's produced in ireland because it has much better falvour. It's less sugary and creamier because of the superior dairy used in production.


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