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Poll: Would you eat 'breast milk' ice cream?

This just in: Under the category of “taking pop culture just a bit too far,” government officials earlier this week reportedly seized samples of a “Baby Gaga” ice cream –- made with human breast milk -– from a shop called Icecreamists in London and sent it to a lab to be tested for possible hepatitis contamination.

To which I say: GROSS!

You can read the rest of this story over on our Business blog. But before you go, tell me what you think about "breast milk" ice cream. Would you have a problem diving on in? Vote!


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-- Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: A notice in late February at Icecreamists in London announced that "Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream" had sold out. Credit: Ben Stansall / AFP/Getty Images

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Breast milk would differ quite a lot since it was deemed unsafe. After all, was the ice cream parlor even pasteurizing the milk? Diseases like HIV and heptatis could be transmitted.

By the way, Rene Lynch, I think you should include a follow up post noting the fact that Lady GaGa did not endorse the ice cream, but rather the parlor took liberties with using her name and her brand to advertise the ice cream. I believe GaGa is threatening to sue them because they had waitresses dressed as her in order to promote the ice cream.

Personally I don't think I would - however my option falls under neither "Nay. Just. Plain. Gross" nor the odd "Depends. Can I see the breasts first?"

While the idea of consuming human breast milk ice cream is kind of shocking, how much does it differ from cow milk ice cream!?


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