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Photo of the day: Beef-and-cheddar quesadillas by Michael Hawkins of Food Funk

March 18, 2011 |  3:14 pm

We like food. We like photos. We like food photos. And we love it when you share your food photos with us so we can showcase them each day on the Daily Dish blog, and occasionally in print.

Today's photo is by food writer Michael Hawkins of Food Funk. (He's also on Twitter @Hawkalicious.) We'll let him describe it: "With time to kill on Saturday, I made a batch of homemade tortillas, which naturally means you have to prepare something to stuff in them. Beef, cheddar, chipotle salsa and lettuce did the trick." We liked the photo so much -- it just begs you to dive on in, doesn't it? -- that we reverse published it on Page 3 of this week's Food section. Thanks for allowing us to use your photo, Michael!

There are currently two ways you can share your food photos with us:

-- Our recipes, your kitchen: If you make any of our recipes from the L.A. Times Test Kitchen, please take a shot of the final dish and upload it here.

-- Weekend eats: We turn our focus to this photo gallery on Monday mornings, when we waste company time by chatting on Twitter and Facebook about what we ate over the weekend, and swapping photos -- whether it's something you ate in a restaurant or made in your own kitchen. You can upload those photos here.

Notice that I said there are currently two ways to share your Food photos -- that's because we'll roll out a few more galleries in the future, so stay tuned. (And if you have any suggestions for photo gallery subjects, I'd love to hear it. Please e-mail me at rene.lynch@latimes.com.)

-- Rene Lynch

Photo: Michael Hawkins / Food Funk