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A cup of joe to combat illegal immigration?

Just coffee 
Sometimes, a cup of coffee is more than just a cup of coffee.

That, at least, is the fervent belief of two Arizonans, one a buttoned-down Presbyterian minister, the other a tie-dyed Roman Catholic renegade. They are convinced that a steaming cup of cafe arabica could do nothing less than help solve the problem of illegal immigration.

And that's just for starters. They also believe it can bring together liberals and conservatives, fulfill the Old Testament's prophetic vision of a "new heaven and new earth," and bring the wolf together with the lamb.

As today's story by Mitchell Landsberg illustrates, that's a lot to ask of a simple cup of joe.


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Tommy Bassett shows some of Just Coffee's beans during the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. In the background are Sister Maria, right, and Sister Teresa of the Order of Clarisse. Credit: Stefano Paltera / For The Times

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I think we may as well do away with "LEGAL" immigration. Why should people wait for years to come to this Country "LEGALLY" when they can just come "ILLEGALLY", wait a few years and get amnesty. Yes, let's do away with all our immigration laws. They don't mean anything to the illegal aliens anyway. Open borders, this is what the ACLU and La Raza want.

We could start by going to places where people are suffering and out of work and bring them here so we can take care of them. obama is creating jobs for everyone, and soon they will have a job also. In the mean time, we can school the children and give all the children and parents free health care like we do now for the illegal aliens. Doesn't this sound GREAT! Oh, how happy the Catholic Church would be.

When the illegal aliens entered this Country "ILLEGALLY", they separated from their family. This was sad, but now that their family is here, it would be so sad to break up the family again. It is just wonderful that the illegal aliens have jobs and Americans can sit back and collect unemployment. When the unemployment runs out, the Americans can go on welfare, while the illegal aliens work to feed their families and send BILLIONS back to their own country. Oh, doesn't this make you feel warm and fuzzy all over? There is no such thing as “LEGAL” and “ILLEGAL” when it comes to immigrants. They are all immigrants, legal or not. Correct?


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