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Rush Limbaugh criticizes First Lady Michelle Obama's weight, nutritional campaign [Updated]

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Rush Limbaugh is talking smack about First Lady Michelle Obama's weight? Rush Limbaugh? And Michelle "you-can-cut-glass-with-my-chiseled-biceps" Obama?

As you well know, Michelle Obama has been taking plenty of criticism from the right for her nutritional campaign to encourage kids to move more and eat healthier fare. Joining her in the campaign is retail giant Wal-Mart, which recently announced it would begin reducing the sodium and fat in many of its prepared foods.

Listen to the audio, above, as Limbaugh ridicules Michelle Obama's healthy-eating campaign, flat out calls her a "hypocrite." On one hand, Limbaugh said, she is encouraging children to get healthy and eat "roots, berries, and tree bark" but was recently seen enjoying a high-calorie meal of fatty ribs.

The conservative radio talk show host took it further when he wondered whether Michelle Obama was even following her own words of wisdom, and remarked that she couldn't stack up against the women in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
"The problem is, and dare I say this, it doesn't look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritionary, dietary advice...I'm trying to say that our First Lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you."

So, what do you think? I especially want to hear from the dittoheads (are they still called that?). Do you think Limbaugh went too far with his comments? Or do you chalk this up to the liberal media's favorite pastime: Criticizing Rush.

But more importantly, do you think Michelle Obama is a hypocrite?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. And then, let's wait for the next turn in this story: The media peppering President Obama for his reaction. (Should the president challenge Limbaugh to join him on the White House lawn for a fist fight to defend his wife's honor.)

[Updated at 10:02 a.m.: Limbaugh defends his attack on Michelle Obama as "highly civil", via Media Matters]

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--Rene Lynch

Video via Media Matters

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Mr. Limbaugh is the very last person that should be making negative remarks about appearance. One glance in any mirror would tell him or on lookers that he is grossly overweight and not sure what type of woman would be attracted to an obese man with a large, obnoxious mouth. The First Lady and other intelligent people are concerned with the youth population and their obvious weight problems. The First Lady and others should be applauded for bringing this importation issue to the attention of parents, schools and caretakers. Ms. Obama is respected and will be taken seriously for her efforts.

Typical Limbaugh garbage.

HE is the pork rib!

Mrs. Obama is NOT a politician. In the past, I believe it was customary to be realtively "hands off" when it comes to non-political family members. I think the people on the right who are critical of her should understand this opens their less-than-perfect family members to similar criticism.

Rush needs to check a mirror. He's not a man Christie Brinkley would be caught dead with. I seriously doubt that Angelina is going to trade Brad in for Mr. Radio Pudge.

EVERY sentient being in the United States understands that obesity and diabetes have become a very real problem for children, which is the point of Mrs. Obama's campaign. She has consulted with specialists in nutrition and other areas related to healthy eating. OVERALL, I would be willing to bet that Mrs. Obama meets her dietary goals more often than Rush even tries. She NEVER said she or anyone else was able to eat healthy 100% of the time. However, if most people hit their goals 80 to 90% of the time their overall health is going to improve. How can ANYONE argue with children (or anyone else) eating healtier meals? It boggles that these people have a problem with this program.

Slow news day Rush? Nothing happening in the world? Libya in total turmoil. Gas prices are about to go through the roof. Jobless rates are going to increase because of this Middle East situation and all you can think to blow gas about is Mrs. Obama urging everyone to use a little less table salt.

Lame, Dude. Well, as usual, very lame.

I wonder if SARAH PALIN were encouraging people to take care of their health, and slipped off to Vail for a vacation, and had ribs if ole rush(capitalization denied) would have a problem with it. This man is the typical BIGOT taking pot shots at someone that he absolutely hates, solely due to her husband being the first black president. If rush were not so blinded by RACIAL HATRED he would notice that Michele Obama is physically fit, and people that are physically fit can afford to eat a few ribs here and there.
One other thing, if rush weren't so IGNORANT he would know that OBESITY(which he is suffering from) cost this country an estimated 147 BILLION dollars annually, so IF he is really interested in the economy, he would be applauding her for speaking on this subject.

right on Rush she is a hypocrit along with her husband and president pelosi. the libs go nuts on comments like this. too far? possibly but also true. lefties say what they want and get no push back, but a conservative says something....well maybe not so appropriate and you are a hateful racist bigot.keep up the truth for those of us who know the truth will set u free. J8-32

rush limbaugh is disgusting, if I were near him I would require restraints to keep from slapping some civility into this bunghole. He is a morbid horrible ignorant fool. The power of voice given to him is a plague on our society. HE IS A NEGATIVE IMPACT ON THE WELL BEING OF OUR COUNTRY. Somebody please shut this bastard up.

This shows how low class this man is. Our enemies abroad do not dare criticize the physique of our beautiful, intelligent, fit, and realistically proportioned First Lady. But this so-called "patriot" does? Where is his decency? Where is his sense of decorum?

Hold your head high, Mrs. Obama. Millions of women admire you and want to be like you. And this man is nothing more than a well paid drug addict.

Michelle Obama seem to be a well propotioned woman within a healthy weight range. The majority of swimsuit models are not within healthy weight parameters for women. If anything, a swimsuit model is a very unhealthy standard to try to emulate.
That said, experts say that if following a healthy eating plan with regular exercise, an occasional indulgence is not only ok but recommended. I'm glad to see that Michelle is modeling a healthy lifestyle as an example.

My Belle Michelle, needs to get her face out there in the spot light just like her husband. Go get'm Rush

To those that complained about Rush Limbaugh's comments regarding Michael. He is telling it like it is, sorry if you can't handle the truth. The difference in what Limbaugh said and what Michael said is that Limbaugh is not telling people how or what to eat, Michael is. Michelle Obama and her husband are both hypocrites. You people who defend her actions must be pro Obama fans. Or shall I say kool aid drinking obama whorshiping nut jobs. Some advise stop drinking the kool-aid. We are turning into a nanny state, sad. I can't wait until 2012 when I can vote this loser of a President out of office.. When Bush was in office we were hated..now we are a laughing stock. I think I want to go back to being hated. Better being hated and respected than a joke.. And thanks to Obama we are now a joke and a country that no country takes serious..I can't wait until 2012 when I can vote this loser of a President out of office..

Rush needs to step away from the table. One meal a day would be a good thing for him. And I doubt any of those swimsuit models would give a a first or second look, unless he pony up quite a few dollars for a date. Michele is sparkling HOT. Better than any woman he ever even fantasized about, or even got lucky and had a lunch date with. Rush has no idea about what a waom should look like.

For obvious reasons, Rush should really avoid discussions about weight....

Well, The lady does have a huge big butt for just eating salads and all. Just saying...

I've though for a very long time about how Michelle Obama could possibly be the leading lady talking about nutrition to children. Her own children would have been much better spokespersons for their mothers goodwill project that every First Lady takes on. I think she really could have come up with another project. I don't think she really gave much thought to it. Or maybe she had one of the administrations staff come up with this bright one.

Eating big fat meaty ribs is not the greatest of messages to send to the children she is preaching "good nutrition" to. Who the heck knows she eats behing closed doors. Cake and bon bon's before bed sound good tonight? I can't really see that she has done that much so far. Time will tell.

michelle obama is a horse faced pig. rush is a beautiful creature,angelic if you will. he rides a winged peggasis and spews rainbow colord lightning bolts from his golden microphone.

Just when I thought Rush Limbaugh had made every stupid comment possible, he hit a new low today by insulting Michelle Obama's weight. The man needs to get his eyes checked and buy a mirror while he's at it. By the way Rush, get your facts straight. That rib plate with kale is only 600 calories and Michelle was working out all day on the ski slope. I think Rush Limbaugh is the one who needs to join Jenny Craig, not Michelle Obama.

Can we set aside for a moment the comments were made about our First Lady, (which are apalling enough), and take into consideration he was comparing her, or any woman for that matter, to a SI swimsuit model? Seriously? Those women are the exceptions, not the norm. Go ahead Rush, further contribute to the declining health and body issues our teenage girls face trying to compare themselves to such a "model" - good job.

He criticizes her for her weight? Has he looked in the mirror lately? What a hypocrite! He can come back and criticize anybody for their weight when HE drops a hundred pounds or so. Until then he's just another hypocritical nut job.

If you want to eat like Rush, fine. The federal government is not going to take your twinkies away. The first lady isn't saying that you can't eat crap, she's merely encouraging people not to and promoting healthy choices. Emphasis on choices, which in many places across this country people don't have.

And besides, eating healthy does not mean that you forgo all fats or carbs, just that you don't make these the centerpiece of your diet. So the first lady can enjoy BBQ and not be a hypocrite.

If Michelle Obama is going to talk the talk, then she needs to walk the walk.

Her actions need to match her words, and right now they are not. If she wants to gorge herself in private, and eat salad in public--the Rush Limbaughs of the world would have nothing to talk about.

I have noticed a number of photos of the first ladies posterior lately, and it looks like she would have trouble fitting into the designer gowns of the first year in office.

Yes, she is held to a different standard than I am. But, she is the one who picked nutrition and obesity as her first lady issues.

Rush Limbaugh is a low class idiot (and fat to boot....). For that cigar chomping, hatred spewing, prescription med gobbling fool to make the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue comparison would have to be baiting, because even HE isn't stupid enough to compare the body of a 20-something professional swimsuit model to a 40-something mother of 2.

Why are people so quick to get offended by remarks that aren't even directed toward them? If you don't want to listen...pay no attention. By complaining and ranting in all capital letters, you are drawing attention to Rush. He is first and foremost and entertainer...and you guys are playing right into him.

Good job helping Rush get his ratings back up...you should all thank yourselves, I know he's thankful for your attention. In fact, by even discussing him you have all indirectly made him more money. Boycotting him would bring him more attention and also make him more money...once again, thanks to you guys.

Whatever happened to owing a modicum of respect to our leaders-and especially to their spouses who are thrust into the limelight, through no fault of their own. Mrs. Obama is trying to improve children's eating habits. What is so wrong with that? She didn't say she was perfect-she probably works to maintain a balance on her own plate as well. I'm embarrassed that we portray ourselves this way to the world. We talk tooooooo much. So there's a lot of garbage in our dialogues. And I'm a Republican...who believes things aren't goin so well for the Dems. But we should still be more respectful...and not say everything we think.

"Fat boy Limbaugh" needs to take Michelle'advice! As an alcoholic, drug addict with serious mental problems his weight and appearance are a display of his credibility!

A balanced diet includes a variety of foods in moderation, including those ribs the First Lady was seen eating.

Limbaugh's rant is an example of how crazed the critics of the Obama's have become. They actually have a problem with her encouraging good eating habits. Seriously, fruits and vegetables are getting the right wing talkers wound up! Limbaugh sounds like a lunatic.

Apparently, getting noticed these days is hard work. For some individuals, it is becoming an increasing difficult task.

As a staunch Democrat, I want Rush to keep on talking. And I hope the rest of the media quotes him as often as possible. This is the best our opposition can offer. Keep it up Rush. And Thanks.

A bit of the kettle calling the pot black - Rush is one FAT pig. Michelle is a tall woman, but I wouldn't call her overweight. Who really pays attention to what Limbaugh says anymore, anyway? He's only saying this to be shocking. It doesn't actually mean anything and Limbaugh doesn't mean anything anymore.

The First Lady will have the last laugh when Rush has a massive heart attack or stroke due to his admitted hatred of exercise and his proclaimed belief that a person can eat anything one wants with no consequence to ones health.
Of course he has also stated on his program that no one has ever died from second hand smoke.
The guy is a right wing moron

For everyone on here siding with Rush, please use your own brain cells...My co-worker's 26 year old cousin died 2 weeks ago due to CHF due to obesity. Mrs. Obama has a great body (butt & all) she is a woman of color (Black) and they have round butts unlike the rest of us (White Women). I have more respect for this 1st Lady's "eat healthy, exercise more" initiative than I had for Nancy Reagan's "just say no" crap. As for the 1st Lady looking into our cupboards, that's the craziest thing I've heard in a long time if you want your kids to eat junk, get fat and die young I say go for it, but DON'T cry when it happens. If Palin had said the same thing you idiots would jump on it!!!!

... the topic of obesity; with the majority of our nation falling within that category...which by the way the US leads the world in obesity (too much of momma's mac-n-cheese). It is also a given fact that African Americans lead that statistic within our country.

Hold on sunshine! Have you looked around lately, the number of white people who are overweight is much greater than any other cultural group in this country. Go to Walmart and see who rolls around the store in the motorized carts. White women! They are the ones who need to exercise their legs instead of bumping into customers. Get the facts right! Since there are more whites currently in the country they will have have a larger number of people who are obese

Rush has a right to say and think what he wants. So do all of his supporters. I, however, do not want to pay for all of the health-related ills that come from people who insist on abusing their bodies and believe that when someone promotes healthy eating and living , they are doing something wrong or are dictating. You can eat whatever you want, but if you show up at the hospital with a disease which is directly related to an unhealthy lifestyle and without insurance, NO ONE else's money should have to pay for it- which is NOT what currently happens. As it exists right now, the taxpayers fund healthcare for many irresponsibility people by having to either pay for very high insurance premiums or the money that funds government health programs/ hospital costs when people are uninsured.

I also think that health insurance companies, to a certain extent, should have a sliding scale premium rate that is dependent on how healthy one is. If you are in excellent health, because you chose to live in moderation and are in a normal weight and BMI range, you would pay much less than someone who chose to live in gluttony and is morbidly obese without a valid medical reason.
In addition, physicians should NOT be obligated to treat you unless you can pay- up front. Isn't that, after all, a Republican idea? Total self-reliance and personal responsibility?

Sounds like Rush is being a bit defensive about his own obesity.

Consideer the source and move on - an idiot talking again.
He doesn't have a place for a brain and wouldn't know how to use it if he did.
Who cares what Rush thinks - wrong word - he doesn't think.
He's mouth is in overload all the time.
He needs to be shuuuuut up!

What a moron? Look in the mirror.

Is he drunk, if not on drugs or alcohol, then on power and success, that he would say such nonsense? Maybe he's just feeling defensive because he's big as a haystack and has the muscle tone of a jellyfish.

Why isn't Rush Limbaugh in jail for his massive black market oxycontin purchases?

Oh HUSH Rush. He is getting really annoying. First he talk "jibberish Chinese" trying to talk Chinese, now he is insulting the first Lady for liking barbarcue back ribs?
lol, he will loose fans fast. It's not even a matter of free speech. It's a matter of thinking before you speak!

Rush apparently doesn't take into consideration that the Obama's were on a ski vacation and had probably burned up quit a few calories exercising hence justifying the high calorie meal.

Face reality, Rush is FAT, Michelle Obama is NOT. No need to figure out who has the diet thing down and who doesn't.

Not every woman is meant to be a swimsuit model any more than any man is meant to have a six pack and sign up with Chippendale's. Michelle Obama looks pretty darned good from any perspective and if she eats a plate of ribs, so what? At least she doesn't need pain killers and other types of "cocktails" to manage life. And from the looks of Rush, he needs to sign on with Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig and become a good example instead of merely exercising his mouth. Dare ya, Rush!

Mr. Limbaugh is an obese pill addict(whether on the wagon or not) who spews hate for a living and is now on his 4th wife(or is it 5th?) He will not live forever and will be instantly forgotten when his time is past. He will not be able to take even one penny of his vast fortune with him either. But he will have to answer to his maker for the life he led, as will we all. I believe in redemption but Rush seems to be entirely without shame or human decency.

Very little that Rush Limbaugh does or says surprises me, but this latest is a new low. First of all, given the sorry state of health and physical fitness among the majority of this nation's young people, what the First Lady is promoting is valuable. Second of all, does Limbaugh really believe that the women who make the cover of the SI Swimsuit edition are representative of the average woman? Is he serious?

When it comes to hypocrisy, Limbaugh and fellow conservatives have no equals. Let's see Limbaugh on the cover of Muscle & Fitness...

To Mocus11: I'd rather be flat broke and be me rather than make $40 million and have to be Rush Limbaugh.

First off: To the "Unknown Poster" who posted a comment at 1342hrs today....News flash Michelle Obama was never elected to office. As first lady, her first job is to the President and his job is to our great nation. Who better than someone in her position to approach the topic of obesity; with the majority of our nation falling within that category...which by the way the US leads the world in obesity (too much of momma's mac-n-cheese). It is also a given fact that African Americans lead that statistic within our country.

Her place as the first lady, provides hope to not just young black Americans, or other Americans of color, but to every American that suffers from obesity and the numerous disorders that accompany it. It takes more than Jillian and the Worlds Biggest Loser to influence a nation. Her endorsement surely can't hurt.

As for Rush Limbaugh...I guess from the look of him...he never learnt that fat meat is greasy. His rants are so ignorant, he makes me laugh. I say keep talkin Limbaugh... we are all laughing at you and not with you!!!!

Rush was just making fun of her - just like all the critics made fun of Bush whenever he messed up. It is hypocritical to preach one thing and do another. The American people are really getting sick of all the nannies telling us what to do and even invading our homes and telling our children what to do.

Rush should lay off the First Lady.Her advice on eating a more healthful diet.If followed would lead to a healthier America.Even if someone might not follow their own advice 24/7,doesn't mean the advice itself is not valid.

The fact that the fat is calling the kettle anything speaks volumes. Really? The Right Wing objects to fit people, who happen to eat well? Why do we have to be fat lazy, stuff our face with junk people? Is that what made the US great? Being so healthy that our belts wont buckle?
Just relax Rush, sniff some more grease, and realize that you have lost control of what you once were.
An Idiot!

Only Socialist can make fun of others. They cry like babys when it gets turned on them


The lunacy of these right wing hacks just keeps coming. If Mrs. Obama had gone on a campaign against child abuse, these guys would twist it into a "socialist campaign to dictate how you raise your family."

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