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Rush Limbaugh criticizes First Lady Michelle Obama's weight, nutritional campaign [Updated]

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Rush Limbaugh is talking smack about First Lady Michelle Obama's weight? Rush Limbaugh? And Michelle "you-can-cut-glass-with-my-chiseled-biceps" Obama?

As you well know, Michelle Obama has been taking plenty of criticism from the right for her nutritional campaign to encourage kids to move more and eat healthier fare. Joining her in the campaign is retail giant Wal-Mart, which recently announced it would begin reducing the sodium and fat in many of its prepared foods.

Listen to the audio, above, as Limbaugh ridicules Michelle Obama's healthy-eating campaign, flat out calls her a "hypocrite." On one hand, Limbaugh said, she is encouraging children to get healthy and eat "roots, berries, and tree bark" but was recently seen enjoying a high-calorie meal of fatty ribs.

The conservative radio talk show host took it further when he wondered whether Michelle Obama was even following her own words of wisdom, and remarked that she couldn't stack up against the women in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
"The problem is, and dare I say this, it doesn't look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritionary, dietary advice...I'm trying to say that our First Lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you."

So, what do you think? I especially want to hear from the dittoheads (are they still called that?). Do you think Limbaugh went too far with his comments? Or do you chalk this up to the liberal media's favorite pastime: Criticizing Rush.

But more importantly, do you think Michelle Obama is a hypocrite?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. And then, let's wait for the next turn in this story: The media peppering President Obama for his reaction. (Should the president challenge Limbaugh to join him on the White House lawn for a fist fight to defend his wife's honor.)

[Updated at 10:02 a.m.: Limbaugh defends his attack on Michelle Obama as "highly civil", via Media Matters]

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--Rene Lynch

Video via Media Matters

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How long is the Michelle Obama worshiping liberal media going to run with this nuthin' burger story? That's right: they'll run with it as long as it takes to feel satisfied that they've smeared the rights' Rush Limbaugh enough to get lots of people mad at him. Duh.

Really?? So everyone is upset because the first lady had ribs? So here is the deal, any doctor, dietician or anyone that has ever been on a diet will tell you. You can have the occasional “junk” food from time to time. In fact, many programs work it into your plan. So has anyone looked at the first lady? Is she grossly overweight? No, she is not, she is a healthy and fit women that you can clearly tell works out. I think she can have the ribs if she wants, it is clear that she does take care of herself and is a good role model for anyone that wants to stay in a shape that is not round. People need to stop listening to what they are told and open their eyes and think for themselves. Just try it!

I see nothig wrong with what Rush said. It's true! If Michelle is pushing this agenda of eatting right, then she can at least lead by example. Meaning no one should see her scarfing down a rack of ribs. Live what you preach OR get discredited when you do the opposite. Plan and simple.

Limbaugh is a bigotted hate-monger who uses innuendo, half-truths, and out and out lies to inflame semi-literate rednecks. He is a symbol of everything that is wrong with this country. He is a complete waste.

He is an unpatriotic fat hypocrite that will say about anything to get his name in the news. Our first lady is class A. Good for us all that she is getting involved in such an important area.

Rush is right. Like her husband, Michelle Obama lives in an alternate world. Do as I say not as I do, is a well documented mantra of Liberals. Whether jetting around in their CO2 spueing jet, lecturing the little people about charity or pontificating about good nutritian while wolfing down the ribs, liberals are totally predictable. They are elitist hypocrites of the first order. Can't wait to see her big ass escorted out the door on January 21st 2013.

well he did it again" MR. Limbaugh you should ease up buddy.the preisdent and his family are good people, I feel that you are mad about the fact that you can't have a black women that has the heart of Michelle Obama.so you have to fine something bad about every one you don't like how come we never herd you say nothing about President bush. he was perfect in you book because he was the same color as you.and you mite say color has nothing to do with it but that's B/S

To start with, they're called ditto heads because they can't think for themselves and actually believe what Douche Limpbough says. Here is a fat, drug abusing, man with ED criticizing a healthy, active, intelligent woman. She's not saying never eat any meat or food that's unhealthy. She's saying that, as a nation, we eat too much unhealthy foods. Douche is an idiotic, sniveling, windbag.

Limbaugh has a valid point. Michelle has went on a national nutrition campaign for school children. If she is going to talk the talk she should walk the walk. She has no problem at all telling others what they should eat and drink, she should do it herself.

OMG, this man is a pig. Almost incalculably disgusting. A fat, sweaty stinking hulk of rotting flesh. What a stench.

Here's what I think: I think that what is really wrong is that this fat slob of a slug Limbaugh can say these stupid, nasty, hateful things and no one, not one media person has the courage to call him out and give him the dressing down he deserves. This man is not an American. He is the symbol of everything that is wrong in this country today. He is loud and obnoxious and wrong 99% of the time. He so wants attention and he will do whatever necessary to get it and the media will give it to him. What he is saying and inferring is rude, disrespectful and ignorant. But mostly and in my eyes, more importantly, its wrong in light of today's America of fat adults and fat children getting fatter and fatter by the minute. Perhaps he needs to get off his diet pills. They make him lick his lips constantly. Rush Limbaugh must have been the biggest bully as a child.

If the so called first "lady" wanted to help so much, she could cut back on the obscenely expensive clothes, she & her kids goes around in, and all those frequent vacations she loves so much. Then donate the money to the children who dont eat "period" in this country. Before we concentrate on kids who at least have food, we should concentrate on those who have very little or none. Ensure the schools have enough funds to provide a nutricious meal. As for Rush, this IS america & everyone is entitled to a free opinion. I must say the first Lady does make the president look good. After all, he has accomplished something.

1. the President is charged for the majority of their own food (the exception is usually State events
2. there is nothing wrong with SUGGESTING that someone change their eating habits -- we are all consuming a lot of sugar and salt and fat without realizing it (we are not eating the types of meals our mothers and grandmothers COOKED -- reheating processed foods may seem easy, but when you read the side of the box -- blech!)
3. you don't have to be a scientist to realize that there are a LOT of chubby children -- not just baby fat, but actual "I never go outside" type of chubbiness.
4. the swimsuit models don't look like swimsuit models -- they are airbrushed and computer enhanced quite a bit for the covers of the magazines. They are still very beautiful women in person, but not what you THINK you are going to see. (And, they are 20-25 years old -- we all tend to be a little thinner before age and having children set in)

Of course, this, like other comments in the media, has been skewed to benefit the personal ideologies of the host and/or network in an effort to boost ratings and recognition. I'm sorry, but last time I checked, obesity IS connected to a higher risk of pre-mature death and sickness, i.e. diabetes, hypertension, high blood pressure, heart disease - to name a few . What the First Lady is trying to accomplish in her campaign is to ENCOURAGE children to eat healthier, and to not think of ice cream and french fries as a necessary food group. She is not saying, however, to completely forego fattening, rich fare, as Rush Lim-whatever would try to insinuate, but to have it within reason. So one CAN eat ribs, as long as its not a constant staple at the dinner table.

Who cares if Wal-Mart is promoting low-fat foods. The whole low-fat "fat-free" push is 20 years old (remember fat-free cookies, cakes, etc of the 80-90's?). Science has already proven it American's didn't get thinner as a result. Why doesn't she promote eating FEWER total calories. If you consume more calories than you burn off (exercise), you will gain weight....it's as simple as that! Considering Michelle has her own gym, a personal trainer, at least 2 personal chefs (one was her personal chef in Chicago), and oh-yeah the "garden," you would think she'd look much better than she does.

You people are so stupid obvious KCP you don't workout. What is wrong with the government telling people they should take better care of themselves. I bet you didn't complain about that pyramid thing the government was using. Lets just be honest people are way more critical over the most stupidest thing because they are black. Anyone who works out consistently have those meals where they just eat whatever. The key is not do it that often and in moderation. So its not hypocritical. You people for Americans and probably Christians have some much hate in your heart.

'At this point in the game' , there are 3 things that the public eye will never see...
-1) Mr. Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate.
-2) Mrs. Obama's actual weight and wellness (aka healthy diet & exercise) plan.

Rush! You're a fool! Shut up!

No, the Obamas are not our saviors (they personally have not did anything for black people like me), but Limbaugh was completely out of line for his judgmental comments. He was discussing Ms. Obama as if she is not our first lady. She deserve as much respect as any other first lady.

Rush just likes to make inappropriate and rude comments so he will get more free advertising for his show. How can a former obese man who was a drug addict be taken seriously when he criticizes a nutritional program sponsored by the First Lady? He takes no responsibility for lying to the public and trying to incite hatred.

...It's funny because it's true, the government has no right to tell us how to eat, just like they have no right to tell us to buy health care. The sooner people realize that the Obama's aren't our saviors the better!

Yeah, comments are censored alright. It's too bad someone can't censor Rush, who, as a former BROADCASTER myself, should take his microphone and shove it up his rude, drug addicted ass!

"Tree bark"? Really? I'm pretty sure she isn't suggesting anyone eats tree bark. Look no further. That is a blatant lie. "Tree bark."

Rush was pointing out how hypocritical Michelle Obama is. She tell us to eat better tasteless food then goes and eats ribs loaded with fats and calories. She is literally forcing places to change menus and what they sell by putting pressure on them. Goverment should stay the heck out of our lives, personal and eating habits as long as we do not harm anyone else

It has nothing to do with Rush being fat. He's just saying that Michelle should practice what she preaches. He's not preaching for everyone to work out and eat well. It's his opinion....chill out, everyone. I personally do not find the woman attractive at all, but I don't think she should stop trying to get schools' cafeteria food healthier.

I am not a Rush fan but he is correct. Compare photos on the new first lady and the first lady today. She has GROWN OUT! If you talk the talk then you had better be able to walk the walk.

I would like to know why the radical right refers to those who support our president as "sheeple" and uses other derogatory terminology (such as the "drinking Kool-Aid" remark) that insinuates that if one support President Obama, then one must be unable to think for oneself.

The last poll I saw showed that the average Democrat is typically better educated and earns a higher salary than the average Republican. This statistic is supported by the poor grammar and spelling in the posts of many Obama haters.

But it seemed odd to me that that there was so much consistency in the specifics of the derogatory terminology and statements -- almost as if an identical source was being parroted over and over again by numerous people, rather than being formed by individual logic and deduction. A source, perhaps, such as Fox News and its talking heads. And it turns out (by a simple Google search) that I was right. Obama haters are just parroting what they hear over and over again from conservative news sources rather than forming individual opinions and voicing those opinions. Hence, the over-usage of the same terminology and juvenile name-calling.

Which, ironically, perfectly demonstrates the "sheeple" behavior that they are denouncing.

Stop being ridiculous! No one is going to take away your fast food or your Applebees rib platter, not even Michelle Obama. The Federal government is only trying to educate and inform, not control your choices. You can eat all of the Big Macs and McRibs that you want. It's your right as an American. I mean, it's not like you're gay or a woman who wants to control her reproductive system or anything. You have a RIGHT to that supersized extra value meal as a free American!

Rush Limbaugh is an idiot and a biggot. Of course everytime that he has a chance to bash President Obama and First Lady Michelle, he is going to do that. It is normal for healthy people to eat unhealthy things once in a while. This does not make Michelle Obama a hipocrit. She already stated that she loves french fries and occasionally she indulges. Also, "dummies", the government is not telling you what you should feed your children. Michelle Obama has selected healthy eating and more exercising for children as part of her platform. They are just suggesting this to the American people as a better lifestyle. How can something that is going to only help our children be turned into something terrible. Did anyone complain when Laura Bush wanted people to incorporate more reading into their lifestyle or would you prefer that your children be illiterate?

Rush needs a workout and diet of his own! The First Lady is on track to get the kids in this country out of the house off the couch and on to the field of whatever sport they would like to play,Thank you Mrs.Obama for turning some attention to a real problem one that Rush seems to embrace and not want to let go of. Maybe Rush should stop criticising people and have a good bowl of oatmeal .."People putn' people down"

Jabba the Hutt is criticizing how much others eat?
Does anyone with a brain really care about what this drug-addled idiot says?

He just says those things because he can't call them the N-word in public.

There are other differences between Michelle Obama and Rush Limbaugh that the libs aren't talking about, and don't want to talk about.

Michelle is a racist bigot, and has a paper trail testifying to that fact, which the libs have left alone. Now, if Michelle was a Republican, the only thing that would matter would be getting at the truth, publishing the papers and essays she's written for all to see would just be a function of the good bleeding hearted liberal journalist.

Rush Limbaugh is not a racist bigot.

Michelle spent 20 years in a racist, hate-mongering "church" led by the Rev Jeremiah Wright. Michelle supported Wright, and the church, with her time AND her money.

Rush Limbaugh has never been a member of a racist, hate-mongering church.

Michelle has been treated with kid gloves from the moment she hit the national eye, with endless puff pieces from white-guilt-driven "journalists" showing up daily in print and internet media. Every precaution is taken to present Michelle is the most positive light possible in the bleeding hearted liberal mainstream media.

Rush Limbaugh is a constant target of the bleeding hearted liberal mainstream media, featuring the most unflattering pictures available, taking every possible quote out of context for shock value, the most ridiculous headlines, etc., basically the opposite of the "Michelle Treatment".

Those are just a few differences. There are more.

The first lady is an AMAZON! She needs a diet. Ribs Aint Doing It. Honey Child!

Michelle carries her weight with all the grace and poise as a low land silverback gorilla...

It's this the pot calling the kettle black! Rush has never seen a rack of ribs he didn't want to eat. He had to take drastic measures to lose weight. He doesn't have any room to attack on this one. If he really thought about the first ladies body type; she's not a natural size 6. SORRY Rush, you should be able to enjoy ribs without having someone bashing your food choice. Question? Do you think Rush is just jealous she got ribs and he missed out. Lastly I don't know if the ribs were pork or beef, but someone is probably thinking about putting Michelle Obama's picture on their next ad campign for ribs. Lastly who listens to that drug addict (Rush) and takes him seriously anyway?

Rush Limbaugh criticizing anyone else about weight or dietary issues is simply laughable. Maybe he should back away from the feed trough himself. Of course should he do that he'd also have more time to spew his idiotic rhetoric so maybe stuffing his face is good for the country.

What an Ignoramus. What ribs are 1600 calories? Ribs Generally clock in around 250 to 600 calories. What are they topped with ice cream?
That bloated pill popping nutcase should know a thing or two about hypocrisy.

Limbaugh is a brilliant commentator and news analyst. He is a 60 yr old man who has been heavy all his life, but has lost a lot of weight several times in his life, and is easily as qualified to talk about losing weight as Michelle. She has NO qualifications of any kind to be speaking about childhood obesity--its just something she thinks will be popular for her to spout off about from "the office of the First Lady'--since when does the first lady have an office, anyway? She is just married to the president--that's all! She should nave no office, no personnel, no airplane, no budget. She hasn't even been appointed to any post. She's just married to Obama--nothing more!
Add to that the fact she has gained a ton of weight in the last couple of years--her kids too--they all look mighty porky--they all have a nice round waistline, and by the time they leave office in a couple of years they will roll out of there like fat hogs. Remember, you heard it here first.

this fatass is talking about someone not being comparable to a SI swimsuit model? Give me a break, he wants to call Michelle Obama a hypocrite? Again, gimme a break, he cant get through a door without covering himself with Crisco...anything to keep his mouth moving i guess

no - Rush Limbaugh does not have a point - check out his website - his choice of woman - the photo with the nude blond tells all. He is the ugly American. He represents the dark side of America. I applaud Michelle Obama's campaign on healthy eating - fresh, unprocessed food, no pesticides, and a balanced diet. She is tall, elegant. and very fit. Why is the LA Times writing about Rush Limbaugh and his "opinion"? Fine, be overweight, diabetic, have a heart condition and be loaded up on drugs - but don't try to ridicule the First Lady because she is tall and well proportioned. It makes the LA Times look like a tabloid.

Every First Lady since I was a child had a cause that they backed. No to Drugs, Reading, this one has chosen this. I have never seen such childish behavior than I have seen from the right. Lets face it we as a country aren't just fat, we are dying from being super fat. She is asking us to think about what crap we put into our children. She is asking us to think about getting our children away from sitting on their butts. I mean when I was a kid we were outside all day long, now ha.

Anyway, my opinion is that if anyone on the left told them to not eat rat poison they would swallow the whole box. Like a child throwing a temper tantrum, sad very sad. Disagreement is not destroying this country, no it is the hypocritical childish behavior that is.

Oh and those who keep using Libtard you know Sarah doesn't approve because of Trip right?

Rush WHO? Oh yeah,that drug addict guy on the radio. I never take a doper too seriously.

Shame on Mr. Limbaugh. To actually talk about a sitting president's wife, our First Lady like that. We already know the man doesn't have any respect for anyone, not even himself, and it shows.

I wish nobody would give Limbaugh any attention. He is a disgrace to the american people. He never makes any sense and we have to endure seeing him on the Net and newspapers. Frankly, I don't get it.

She IS a hypocrite. But its no different than those on the left who demand and push "public" education and send their own children to PRIVATE schools.

WMB33, cry me a river. What goes around, comes around. He has made his bed and now he has to lay in it. All those calling him names have a right to do so just as he has a right to make all his mean and disgusting comments on his show about Michelle O and any other he wishes to publicly attack. His hearing has nothing to do with this discussion so like those bringing up his drug addiction which you are so appauld by, how does that fit into the question asked? As for Michelle O, good for her, eat a rib here and there Michelle, balance is the key and she looks like she is doing that, she looks great and Rush is a mean and jealous man to attack her on a great platform in which she stands on. You never did comment on that, stop defending him and give him some tuff love and give him the speach you posted on this thread.

Limbaugh is a fat- jerk, who is he to criticize anyone

Limbaugh is an ass, nuff said

He's the one to say this, really? Has he looked in the mirror recently?

He IS A GENIUS!!!! His listeners are the idiots. He is making a fortune making stupid people feel smart. If only there was a way to transmit that message to all of his moronic followers...

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