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Rush Limbaugh criticizes First Lady Michelle Obama's weight, nutritional campaign [Updated]

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Rush Limbaugh is talking smack about First Lady Michelle Obama's weight? Rush Limbaugh? And Michelle "you-can-cut-glass-with-my-chiseled-biceps" Obama?

As you well know, Michelle Obama has been taking plenty of criticism from the right for her nutritional campaign to encourage kids to move more and eat healthier fare. Joining her in the campaign is retail giant Wal-Mart, which recently announced it would begin reducing the sodium and fat in many of its prepared foods.

Listen to the audio, above, as Limbaugh ridicules Michelle Obama's healthy-eating campaign, flat out calls her a "hypocrite." On one hand, Limbaugh said, she is encouraging children to get healthy and eat "roots, berries, and tree bark" but was recently seen enjoying a high-calorie meal of fatty ribs.

The conservative radio talk show host took it further when he wondered whether Michelle Obama was even following her own words of wisdom, and remarked that she couldn't stack up against the women in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
"The problem is, and dare I say this, it doesn't look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritionary, dietary advice...I'm trying to say that our First Lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you."

So, what do you think? I especially want to hear from the dittoheads (are they still called that?). Do you think Limbaugh went too far with his comments? Or do you chalk this up to the liberal media's favorite pastime: Criticizing Rush.

But more importantly, do you think Michelle Obama is a hypocrite?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. And then, let's wait for the next turn in this story: The media peppering President Obama for his reaction. (Should the president challenge Limbaugh to join him on the White House lawn for a fist fight to defend his wife's honor.)

[Updated at 10:02 a.m.: Limbaugh defends his attack on Michelle Obama as "highly civil", via Media Matters]

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--Rene Lynch

Video via Media Matters

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There are legitimate issues to go after the Obama Administration about like his interfering in States, but going after his wife, her weight, and her nutrition campaign for children and overall healthy eating is not one of them. Used to be a faithful listener to Rush at one time but got tired of hearing he was the only person who knew anything and then his personal problems in FL finally did it for me. Talk about a hypocrite. Guess Limbaugh has not seen the weight on some of these little kids who eat junk food all the time.

Who cares if Michelle Obama wants to eat ribs occasionally -- what does that have to do with wanting little kids and the rest of us to eat healthy and get some exercise. She is on vacation where all of us tend to eat things we don't eat every day.

Don't understand Limbaugh's attacks on the First Lady when it is obvious she is trying to keep her own weight under control which I am sure has not been easy. Think Limbaugh is classless in this attack on Michelle Obama, her weight and her campaign for healthier eating.

Why should anyone care what Rash Lamebrain has to say about this, or anything?

Pot calling the kettle black. Rush is FAT. Jabba the Hut fat. Grotesquely fat. I mean, seriously take a walk once a week.

OK first off, I'm not a Rush fan. I'm just looking at the logic here. It makes no sense to say that Rush can't criticize Michelle simply because HE is overweight. HE is not the one on a nutrition campaign. SHE is.

If she is advocating a low fat, low calorie diet, then it IS hypocrisy to feed her family a high fat, high calorie meal. I don't personally care if the first family has ribs. I eat ribs. But if she is supposed to be leading by example, she's clearly not doing it, and Rush has a legitimate point when he calls her on it.

Rush is proving everyday that he's just fat and getting dumber by the minute....this knot head is so fat that the moon revolves around him

Michelle Obama, Wal-Mart and the US military all agree. America is too fat. It's a national health emergency and it's a national security problem. Who's on the lunatic fringe and outside the mainstream of America?? That would be the fat, impotent, drug-addicted (FIDAWB) white boy with the snarky attitude. Does anyone still listen to him except FIDAWB's?

I'm conservative. I vote Republican.

Rush has jumped the shark. He doesn't speak for me, he doesn't sound like me, he doesn't see the world the way I see it. He's manufacturing rage to fill time and sell ads. He doesn't treat people with the respect and dignity they are due. He does damage to conservative causes by making conservatives sound like cynical jerks.

The first principal of any bona fide conservative ideology is that it is concerned with the rights and the dignity of people. All people. His constant demonization of people on the left does nothing but reinforce a cartoon image of conservatives.

Stop listening to his program and the market will 'correct' him once and for all, taking him off the air.

She brought it all on herself...if she can't take the heat, stay out of the restaurants. We are adults and if we want nutritional supervision ,well , we don't , and least of all from a smoker's wife. Take care of your own business.

Rush's target market is stupid obese white people who think exercise is finding the remote. Why would he say anything different?

It's not what she ate it's how much she ate. Maybe you should take an example form her and cut the amount of ribs you eat!

Seriously, Rush? You have the right to criticize someone if you yourself are at your "ideal weight" and you try to eat a balanced diet in your life. What Michelle Obama is trying to do is wake this country up to the fact the upcoming generation is obese. Applaud her efforts or is Rush too afraid that she is totally correct....

And might I add that the Republicans are losing all credibility by making such stupid attacks. Stick to the important and legitimate issues.

At what point does he get kicked off the air? I can not believe he still has sponsors.

Anybody who has seen the First Lady, well the news media hasn't done such a great job of hiding something, since FDR.

The lady has a caboose, derrier or butt the size of a big watermelon and legs that would win top prize at a state fair, for hogs. A few weeks ago, it was a Super Bowl Party, with keilbasa, fried foods and chicken wings. Now, it's a 1600 calorie rib dinner.

She obviously can't walk it as she talks it. Besides, a ski-trip to Vail? Give me a break!

So "Fatty" Limberger, the poster child for excess (be it drugs or food) is calling Michelle Obama a hypocrite?

Besides, SI swimsuit models are typically in their twenties and are in a profession that is dependent upon their physique. The last time I checked, there is no swimsuit competition involved in serving as First Lady.

Secondly, this idiot likely has trouble getting out of a low chair, and he has the nerve to talk about others' weight? LMAO!!!!!

Seriously, that fat piece of garbage is going to have the balls to say that??? Can someone please send him a whole bottle of chocolate covered Oxy and hope for the best possible outcome.

I cannot believe that Republicans are making an issue out of this. Is it so wrong to want kids eat healthy food and exercise? especially these days with so many kids developing diabetes?

Advocating healthy eating does not mean eating only healthy food 24/7. Any nutritionist will tell you that you should allow for an occasional treat now and then.

And berating the first lady for not looking like a swimsuit model? Since when were those anorexic models the paragon of health?

This is the result of spewing out whatever comes into your feeble mind instead of giving it some thought.

All you Rush haters, are just jealous.
Okay so he didn't graduate from college. Neither did Dale Jr. , Hannity or Beck, and they're all smarter than you guys.
Rush loves America more than any of you, and he would have been in the service, but was very busy preparing for his career saving America from all you lazy socialist, so he did not have time to serve his country.
His perscription drugs were for the severe pain he suffered after taking a fall in the studio. Busy working hard Americans, don't have time to read, so Rush sacrifices himself and his health to gather all the information true Americans need to know, and gives it to us FOR FREE......
Finally Rush is an expert on everything including women and food, ( married 4 x) and Michelle Obama should listen to him, since his expertise is based experience....LOTS OF IT..

Of course Rush Limbaugh would be against a government-run anti-obesity campaign. I'm not sure though if it's because he's a conservative or because he's a fatty.

I'm sorry Rush, I can't hear you. Must be the Oxy.

He should absolutely be ashamed of himself for attacking her weight. Regardless of political affiliation, the woman is having ribs! I am a registered dietitian and work as a wellness coordinator and deal with clients who are trying to lose weight all day long. People can still have the food they love as long as it is in moderation. Clearly, she is not eating ribs day in and day out. I realize you can’t help someone who doesn’t want to be helped, but encouraging people to eat healthy and get active is something our country desperately needs at the moment. I’m conservative and may not always agree with her or her husband, but this is one initiative worth doing. Dismissing her efforts just because he struggles with weight, high cholesterol and high blood pressure is disgraceful. You do not have to be a supermodel to be healthy. Perhaps he should worry about what is on his own plate before he looks to someone else’s and decides to judge them for it.

Listening to this fat slob Rush Limbaugh criticize other people's dietary opinions is like listening to Anna Cole Smith give drug counseling

Rush Limbaugh is a mean-spirited, ignorant man that clearly does NOT care for the welfare of anyone other than his wealthy, privileged cronies.

Michelle Obama's health and dietary initiative is position that has been MORE than substanciated by the medical community. With Type-2 Diabetes on the rise among U.S. children, I think it's clear that our nation could use more guidance on eating healthier.

NO, I don't think Michelle Obama is a hyprocrite because she ate ribs. She is encouraging people to eat "MORE" fruits and vegetables, not to become a vegetarian or vegan. Not to mention, Rush and the Republicans would be ENRAGED if Michelle OBama did encourage people to eat "only" fruits and vegetables because the meat industry would suffer. I think that taking a stand to help American children to eat smarter and live longer is FAR more of a priority than worrying about what the First Lady had for dinner.

The only HYPROCRITES in this story are Rush Limbaugh and those that share his opinions. They claim to care about Americans, but oppose EVERY program and initiative that could help those that are struggling and MANY AMERICANS ARE STRUGGLING. It's clear they only care about the interest of the wealthy, which is less than 2% of the U.S. population.

BTW, I think Michelle Obama is beautiful and is clearly healthy and in good physical shape.

Besides all the previous comments indicating how stupid and obnoxious Limbaugh is, it bears mention that there is an important difference between:

(1) what children should be fed as a routine diet and

(2) what adults -- and even children, too -- can eat occasionally on special occasions when they're partying.

In addition, I respectfully take issue with the comment from Ms. or Mr. "MR" who "would never want to look like Michelle Obama." Since the comment is not explained, it's all but impossible to know what "MR" has in mind -- but IMHO Michelle Obama is quite beautiful. I, being male, would not want to look EXACTLY like her, but I'd certainly be glad to have a wife/girlfriend with her looks.

Rush comparing the First Lady to Sports Illustrated swimsuit models is a stretch. That's wading into weight issue waters that many girls and young women struggle with. Swimsuit models are paid big money to look the way they do.

Why would Michelle need her husband to fight this fat junky for her? She could lay him out in 30 seconds flat.

The First looks like a black Elanor Roosevelt. Her backside looks like the rear of a Klysdale Mare

I'm not sure I really care what Rush thinks. I'd rather have his cardiologist weigh-in on the topic.

However, I find it odd that Rush would choose to compare the first lady to swimsuit models. Maybe I’m crazy, but they seem to fall on the opposite ends of the body image and healthy diet spectrums. But then again, maybe Rush has no concept as to what a normal woman is supposed to look like.

He knows he is an idiot and only says things to keep up contraversy. He is a joke and no one pays him any attention. What a fat immature child he is. Hilarious!

As a country founded on the principle of free speech, Rush has the right to say whatever stupid things he wants, meaningful (maybe?) only to the 1% of the population who even know who he is and cares what he says -- though publishing his stupidity as "news" elevates that visibility well past reasonable so please turn a deaf ear in the future.

In fact, perhaps online news sources can add a "news topic filter" which would allow us to opt-out of news about whatever topic we're not interested in -- I would bet the opt-outs beat the opt-ins for him (and others in a lengthy list come to mind as well).

But it's perhaps most sad to see that we we have come to take that right for granted, to abuse it really, by making extreme and hurtful comments intended only to further our own selfish cause. Our kids dying overseas -- actually for our entire history -- weren't fighting for that use of the right, I think.

his comments are ignorant, and by the way, sexist. who said women have to look like someone on the cover of sports illustrated to be HEALTHY? his media-induced " thinking" (if you can call that thinking) is why young girls have eating disorders. Health is about balance, someone please tell him that. use small words so he'll understand.

The First Lady is in reasonable physical condition. Mr. Limbaugh is a reasonable model of overwhelming obesity. He'll suffer from a stroke, kidney failure, or heart attack at a much earlier age than the First Lady.

I think Rush is Right! After Laura Bush shoved books down my throat I gained thirty pounds.

Rush is Rush. He's represents everything that is wrong with American politics. I might be in the minority, but I really could care less what Rush thinks because he's selling ratings, not truth. Comparing the First Lady, a middle-aged mother of two with twenty-year-old SI Swimsuit models is idiotic. Ever see those same swimsuit models at 40 something after having a couple of kids? The First Lady looks amazing. Also, it's a pure fallacy that an overweight person or an anorexic person, no matter who it is, shouldn't encourage kids to eat healthy. Why even bother with the logic, however. It's Rush, after all. Divisive at best.

On the plus side, this fat gasbag's eating habits will cause him to die sooner. And Laura -- you're the idiot we're all laughing at you because you think money is how to keep score in life.

I believe he went too far. She isn't saying that she or the children will become healthy over night or completely give up foods that aren't good for them up. She is simply encouraging us to all to develope healthier eating habits. I am an athlete, and I'm on a healthy eating plan; however, I have my cheat moments with cheeseburgers, chicken parmesan, etc. No one can be completely healthy, but I applaud the first lady for her efforts!

Rush Limbaugh is a jabbering fat baboon. It is Rush, as usual, who is doing the criticizing of Michele Obama while the liberal media is only reacting to his outrageous remarks. For Rush to suggest that the First Lady should have to compare with bikini models is sophmoric and it's insulting to sophmores to be compared to Rush. Michelle Obama is certainly not a hypocrite but is probably the most beautiful and physically fit First Lady in the history of the United States. Obviously, her nutritional campaign is having a positive impact with the likes of Walmart. Not only is Rush unacquainted with the idea of having a positive impact he is trying to pick a fight with a woman which is not very manly. But the President should not challenge Rush to a fight - heck even Michelle could beat up Rush but instead the Obamas should take pity on Rush and buy him a membership in Weight Watchers.

Rush (Doughboy) Limbaugh falls under the category of TOXIC PERSON; he should be avoided at all cost for the preservation of one’s mental health.

Are these frickin morons...Palin and Limbaugh, serious? Are they aware that there is a childhood obesity epidemic in this country that has been going on for years? We couldn't ask for a classier First Lady than Michelle. And how exactly is this news? Rush can bite me.

It's mind-boggling that these windbags (including Sarah Palin as well in this case), seem to have nothing better to do than to criticize the Michelle Obama for this campaign. In this age of rampant childhood obesity and eventual diabetes, it should be a slam-dunk that kids should eat healthier, but the Right has somehow made this political. Amazing! If she were campaigning against cancer I wouldn't be surprised to hear Rush, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin say that cancer was a good weight-loss method! So much political discourse (and this goes for both the left and right) suffers from "if its the other side's idea, it is automatically a bad idea". This is no way to run a country.

Rush: have YOU looked in the mirror lately? I think Rush is the perfect image of a big fat radio talk show host. He has a LOT of nerve criticizing anyone for their weight or dietary habits. At least Michelle Obama is TRYING...and not living on pain killers because HER weight is causing her physical problems...not to mention sitting on someone's ass all day for a living. Puhleeze.

Who cares what any of you idiots people think?

This guy has more money than everyone here combined, times 20. And all of you are too stupid to realize that by continuing to comment about him, and listen to him, and pay attention to him ... he only gets richer and more powerful.

It's a big game, and he clearly won. He's laughing at all of you.

Rush is a sensational and professional idiot. He's good and using the right words to stir up a buzz.

Mrs. Obama is not telling people to eat a strict diet all she is saying is we need to incorporate better foods into our bodies and exercise more.

Most nutritionist will agree with Mrs. Obama and tell you that diets don't work and you need to make small changes in your life and that you don't have to give up RIBS altogether or any other fatty food. Life is about choices and I support the First Lady's advocacy.

Is anyone surprised that the fat junkee himself would have an issue with the First Lady's anti-obesity campaign?

Rush is arguing for a Constitutional Amendment to force every woman to look like one A-Rod would date, or face deportation. Is that so hard to understand?

He's a pig. Talk about a lard butt, drug addict, hate spewing dufus trying to diss someone having a healthy meal of lean red meat and salad with her children! At a restaurant, spurring the economy no less! The First Lady represents 80% of what American women actually look like. They're not 90-lb waifs and certainly not like his 2-ton carcass. He's the last one to point fingers at any one for any reason. What a jerk! If you take him seriously shame on you.

Rush Limbaugh is an idiot.

Everyone, including Rush Limbaugh, should eat more fruits and vegetables. But, as First Lady Michelle Obama has said repeatedly, balance is important.

There is no reason to be draconian is one's approach to life. That's something Rush isn't smart enough to understand.

As Al Franken once wrote, "Rush Limbaugh is a big, fat idiot." I might add, literally.

Rush is a overweight pig. Can't believe people still listen to him. Who cares what he has to say?

1) Rush is off the mark as he is a man belittling a woman for her weight.

2)Eating healthy is not about consuming tree-bark. It is about enjoying all things in moderation and making sure you get your nutrients (vitamins, minerals) as you eat.

3) Fat is a nutrient, Rush. Everyone needs it, just not too much. Michelle does have it figured out.

4) About SI cover... those girls are underfed, bulimic and feel like crap so they can earn a buck. They are not healthy and they would be the first to tell you that. Then there is PhotoShop, which is a whole other subject.

Michele is not a hypocrite, she is a woman who as learned to balance her life.

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