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Rush Limbaugh criticizes First Lady Michelle Obama's weight, nutritional campaign [Updated]

Not to put too fine a point on it, but Rush Limbaugh is talking smack about First Lady Michelle Obama's weight? Rush Limbaugh? And Michelle "you-can-cut-glass-with-my-chiseled-biceps" Obama?

As you well know, Michelle Obama has been taking plenty of criticism from the right for her nutritional campaign to encourage kids to move more and eat healthier fare. Joining her in the campaign is retail giant Wal-Mart, which recently announced it would begin reducing the sodium and fat in many of its prepared foods.

Listen to the audio, above, as Limbaugh ridicules Michelle Obama's healthy-eating campaign, flat out calls her a "hypocrite." On one hand, Limbaugh said, she is encouraging children to get healthy and eat "roots, berries, and tree bark" but was recently seen enjoying a high-calorie meal of fatty ribs.

The conservative radio talk show host took it further when he wondered whether Michelle Obama was even following her own words of wisdom, and remarked that she couldn't stack up against the women in the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
"The problem is, and dare I say this, it doesn't look like Michelle Obama follows her own nutritionary, dietary advice...I'm trying to say that our First Lady does not project the image of women that you might see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue or of a woman Alex Rodriguez might date every six months or what have you."

So, what do you think? I especially want to hear from the dittoheads (are they still called that?). Do you think Limbaugh went too far with his comments? Or do you chalk this up to the liberal media's favorite pastime: Criticizing Rush.

But more importantly, do you think Michelle Obama is a hypocrite?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section below. And then, let's wait for the next turn in this story: The media peppering President Obama for his reaction. (Should the president challenge Limbaugh to join him on the White House lawn for a fist fight to defend his wife's honor.)

[Updated at 10:02 a.m.: Limbaugh defends his attack on Michelle Obama as "highly civil", via Media Matters]

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--Rene Lynch

Video via Media Matters

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Rush makes a tidy living telling his listeners what they want to hear. He plays to the fears, racism and prejudices of these people and, in a way, "preaches to the choir". In an attack on Mrs. Obama's educational accomplishment,he once remarked that she "wrote a crappy thesis." This from a man who has never gone beyond high school himself. And another time he actually said that Michelle Obama looked "drugged out" on Oprah. Well, I guess he should know. This vociferous slob has the unmitigated gall to criticize the First Lady on nutrition? And millions of people take his blathering as the gospel truth. Sad.

Encouraging people to eat healthily does not cause them to develop eating disorders. Believe it or not, eating healthily, by its very nature, REQUIRES eating. Despite all of the pressure to be thin, obesity is the "epidemic" plaguing America right now and that is what the First Lady is trying to combat. The First Lady is not obese (unlike Rush) and Sports Illustrated models should not be our standard for healthiness. My cat could construct a better argument with the poo in his litterbox than this fool.

He went too far. I think Michelle Obama looks like a real woman, and not like thesize 0, stick thin women who A-Rod would date. Michelle Obama looks good!
People should eat a variety of food, even ribs, on occasion! This doesn't mean she eats ribs 24/7! You need to teach kids good eating habits and portion control, but no food is off limits. Obsessing about "good" versus "bad" sets them up for eating disorders. I remember when one time years ago, Rush criticized someone for attacking Movie House popcorn as bad! Rush came to their defense, saying it was a treat and could be eaten once in awhile. The same thing applies here. BTW, I am conservative, but this attack on Mrs. Obummer was not called for. Pick on the Prez but leave the wife and kids alone.

Does anybody really take anything this guy says seriously? Really?

Rush is NOT TELLING everyone else how to eat but Michelle Obama has appointed herself "nanny in chief" She also uses her position to threaten restaurants to serve only what she approves. Has Michelle ever given a thought to the thousands of school age girls who suffer from eating disorders? Michelle Obama's approach to "fat" will only contribute to increased populations of anorexics.

Every dress she wears makes her butt look big. - Just Sayin

Oh give it a rest, Rush..............you are always and ever looking for an excuse to get on the Obamas. So Michelle was eating a meal of ribs. Any sane person knows that a well balanced diet may include favorite foods high in fat and/or calories eaten in moderation if an individual is in good health. The problem with excessive niggling and picking is that one can lose one's credibility when something of real importance comes up.......think about it.

Mr. Porkface, you need to lose 50 pounds, minimum. Put your glasses on and look in the mirror. But brace yourself, you could have a heart attack, due to the shock of seeing your hippo profile. I don't know how your wife can stand looking at you, let alone sleep with you. Better be careful. She is significantly younger than you (young enough to be your daughter!) and may decide to drop you for another man who is in far better shape than you.

Rush is an idiot. There are a hundred things we could say in response, but the one I want to highlight the most is his correlation with being healthy and fit to being a Sports Illustrated model. Seriously? And we wonder why children (and adults) have eating disorders and obscene standards for beauty. Rush, you are a loser. thank you.

How dare Michelle Obama encourage American children to eat healthier food! Who does she think she is, a roll model or something. And I can see where Rush thinks he's in a position to critisize the First Lady for her slovenly figure given his svelt appearance. (That's sarcasm for you dittoheads!)If you want to see what Michelle's unhealthy lifestyle has done to her appearance lately Google Michelle Obama Correspondents Dinner and see how far she has fallen!

Rush is the biggest hypocrite around, along with The Donald. On one hand he dogged out President Obama being the official racist that he is and now, since Osama Bin Laden was killed he's singing his praises. I don't think Barbara Bush would have looked good on the cover of Swim Suit Illustration either. We all indulge in life's guilty pleasures from time to time. Rush has a lot of nerve critizing her or anyone else about their weight. We all are born with different shapes and sizes and thats the beauty of having diversity in the world. Rush and people who think like him just make me ill. You couldn't grace the cover of any magazine that had to do with fitness. You guys meaning you and Trump need to take a hard look at yourself and stop putting so much negative judgement on others, after all you are not GOD and I thank the Lord for that.

Michelle Obama is indeed a hypocrite when it comes to nutrition and maintaining an ideal weight. Based on her BMI, she is probably obese.

Rush isn't a hypocrite at all because he doesn't sponsor a nutritional program nor does he represent himself as being physically fit. In fact, he refers to himself as a harmless, puff ball which is pretty accurate.

Rush really ought to be glad that Michelle is such a nice person and not at all a ghetto girl. Otherwise, with one hand tied behind her back, she'd go kick his worthless fat butt. Frankly, I think it would be fun to see it. And I'd pay to see it. OK, so I was born poor and crude. Maybe she should challenge him to fifteen rounds in the ring for charity--perhaps to fight obesity. Nah she's too classy. But it would be fun to see her wup up on that butter ball Rush. Talk about a guy with no manliness at all, and you are talking about Rush Limbaugh for sure.

Whatever Michelle does regarding her eating habits, she is doing far better that Rush. I cannot believe someone so out of shape as Rush can talk about Michelle,
it was like when he talked about drug addicts, when he himself has an addict. He should know when to keep his big moth shut, and this is one of the times.

RIBS? Oh, well. You can take the girl out of the South Side, but you can't take the South Side out of the girl. :)

Michelle Obama is average to thin in weight. Those who think otherwise are too busy drooling over size 0 models. Normal people do not resemble swimsuit models. If Michelle is portly, Barbara Bush (former president's wife) is a rhino.

I prefer to not criticize either of them. I do have a few comments for Rush.

Rush--drug-addled, hippo that he is---should shutup and take some more drugs. Hopefully, he'll put us out of our misery by overdosing

Ughhh. it amazes me that anyone can continue to take this hypocrit seriously. He is disgusting beyond belief. I seriously worry about the future of this country based on the popularity of Limbaugh, Beck, et al.

Mrs. Obama was eating braised beef ribs with vegetables and a salad, not fatty ribs. And even if she was she was on vacation.
How can Rush Limbaugh say anything about anyones diet? He is the hypocrite.

Mr. Fatty Pigpen man needs to keep his own hand out of the cookie jar.

Idiot!!! Complete idiot!!! Don't be jealous because she looks better that you!!

I think Rush is probably right. Michelle is a tall woman - so am I. She is never seen in anything with a waist. Most likely b/c she doesn't have one. "Empire" style dresses can hide a miltitude of bulge. I remember what I looked like at 200lbs; Michelle Obama weighs 200 pounds if she weighs an ounce. I will bet anyone she weighs well over 200lbs.

As always Rush only has a grain of truth in his comments. Michelle has said many times that its okay to occassionally have a burger or ribs but we should regularly eat our quota of fruits and veggies and limit our meat and junk food. Eating correctly has nothing to do with being a Sports Illustrated swim suit model or a date for ARod. Its not about beauty but about maintaining a decent weight and not having high blood pressure/pulse rate or diabetes. I have heard that 75% of our medical costs are due to bad diets and lack of excerise. I have also heard that diabetes is 25% of our medical costs and alot of diabetes is due to diet and lack of excercise. Michelle is dead right and Rush is dead wrong!

oh rush you are my hero and speak the truth.

Rush speaks the truth.

Well, our First Nanny has spent her time criticizing my weight and nutrition, so what's the big deal? I'm an adult and I don't need a nanny. Not to eat, not for healthcare, and not to pick out my car or light bulb.

I can't figure out why anyone is criticizing Michelle Obama's call to eat healthier. This should be a bipartisan initiative. America is in the grips of an epidemic. Our diet, packed with processed foods and refined sugars, is killing us, affecting the ability of our kids to concentrate, and making us stupid and lethargic. The fact that the average American knows very little about nutrition is evidenced when Rush Limbaugh criticizes Michelle Obama for eating "high calorie, fatty ribs." Ribs are not unhealthy, depending on how they are prepared. Homemade ribs are far more healthy than the average loaf of "bread" purchased from any given supermarket, made with refined, bleached flour and added sugars and preservatives. Furthermore, even the most avid health nuts will tell you it is alright to indulge every now and again.

I am a conservative, but the only reason I can imagine for people on the Far Right to be attacking Michelle Obama's nutrition campaign is that people like Rush are being well compensated by the extremely powerful lobby that protects fast food and processed food companies, like McDonald's and ConAgra. These people have killed far, far more people than tobacco companies could ever dream of (diabetes, all sorts of cancers, coronary disease, maybe even causing Alzheimer's and ADHD). And, yet, where is the public outcry against these companies?

I run a lot, and I sometimes get unsolicited advice on how to improve my run time. I always tell people, "If you can run faster than me, I'll listen to you. If not, maybe you should take some advice from me." Well, Rush, if you are far more out of shape than someone, maybe you should NOT be giving them advice on nutrition. Maybe you should open your ears and close your mouth for a few minutes.

"Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot" - yes this was a book written by the Saturday Night Live comedian and now distinguished Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Until Rush deals with his own obvious weight issue, he has no business commenting about anyone else. Nobody has mentioned that the Obamas were skiing which burns a tremendous amount of calories. I'd love to see Rush attempt one trip down the bunny slope.

WOW, I guess we can see why the Dito Heads are the way they are... they never listen to anyones advice, their wives and children are exactly what Michelle is talking about and You find them wiping their booger ridden noses all over their shirts.

Seriously, The reason why so many of these people like Palin and Limbaugh is because they are exactly like them. I Mean really you have 2 types of conservatives, the ones that are Fat, Ugly, Dumb and Rude and the ones that have an education but are still Fat, Ugly and Rude... Now occasionally to keep the herd moving in the right direction you get a Lass Like Palin that is actually Skinny, Pretty Rude and Dumb...

Only ones more stupid than her are the ones who would put her finger on the Nuclear... OOPSSS NUCULAR Button.

Who's Rush Limbaugh?

I think Rush is the pot calling kettle black. May be Rush needs to take a good look in the mirror before spouting off about about anyone's body. That is if he can make it out of his chair to a mirror.

Rush, look at your own burgeoning waistline, drug-addled past, and fat cigars before you dare to cast stones. Tool.

(Should the president challenge Limbaugh to join him on the White House lawn for a fist fight to defend his wife's honor.)

You know THAT won't happen because Obama would squeal like a piglet run and hide behind Michelle's BEHIND! LOL!

Rush is grasping for straws. She is the fittest of all first ladies possibly, why shouldn't she encourage people to be like her especially in this time of weight crisis. Both Rush and I have that problem. He's a hypocrite not her, who does he think he's kidding and what world of fairness does he live in? His world fairness logic reminds me of Savonarola's Inquisition.

Way to go, Rush! Once again, you're SO IN THE KNOW! Hey, remember when you bashed Barbara Bush for being unfit? Yeah . . . Oh wait, she was a Republican. Anyway, have you also accused her of doctor shopping for abuse of Oxy-Contin? Or how about all of her gay-bashing, yet she paid A MILLION DOLLARS to have Elton John play at her second/third wedding to a man half her age? Oh . . . again, that's you. Loser. You're not even a Republican in anyway. You're a Howard Stern (stirrer of pots) wannabe who clings to the toilet bowl of rhetoric. Get a real job, tubby.

First, Michelle is an adult, not a kid. All responsible medical people recognize the need to establish healthy eating habits when you are young.

Secondly, Michelle Obama is no where near obese. Russ is past obese. Instead of knocking Michelle, he should be applauding her and jumping on the band wagon!

She is small on top but then explodes on the bottom, that isn't her fault though, it's just the way she is made. Rush isn't telling us what to eat, Michelle is so she needs to show by example.

I don't remember Michelle Obama saying that every kid should aspire to be a swimsuit model. She wants healthy nutrition and living for the kids so we don't see little butterballs running around as I'm sure she's not promoting anorexia either. If you are at a healthy weight, good cholesterol level, there's no reason you can't dine on ribs once in a while. Why can't people realise all the health problems that these fat kids will have for the rest of their lives and that exercise and eating well is a good initiative?

Does this guy like to hear himself talk or what? Mr.Limbaugh were you not the person who was abusing pain medication? I think Mrs.Obama is beautiful. Our children are overweight. Take a look around. Even all of us that eat healthy, indulge in something once in a while. But I do have a choice Mr. Linbaugh, I just turn you off!! Shut up and take a look in the mirror before you speak about anyone else!

Given that Rush Limbaugh is the 'great white pinata' and poster child for lack of self-control and excess, it's suprising (but typical) he throws stones and demi-god rhetoric out to deminize others rather than offer any real information. I guess his "apology" will get even more media time (perhaps the real goal of his yapping).

Dear Rush
You are so right on with the Obamas
Michelle gorges herself with lobster and gourmet meals. She has a permanent pastry chief on staff at the White House, but she decrees that the rest of us eat lettuce and apple slices. The thought of Michelle Obama in a thong, can make one wretch and vomit …

in my early adult years I worked in factories and hung in the bars.
we had many terms to describe women to other men.
not to offend, just to describe.
3 that come to mind to describe Mrs BO are:

thunder thighs, buffolo but and elephant azz.

I always saw it absurd, her riding us about obesity and what we eat.

only the racist cares about what rush limbaugh says. rush don't even cares if u agree with him, rush just geting paid hell with the rest. go rush play they racist asses all d way 2 d bank. thumbs up.

Mr. Limbaugh insidious comments about Mrs. Obama's program for our children explains why this man has no children. In a potato sack race the Pillsbury Doughboy would win by a belly button. To insult any woman about her size or weight states this man has no respect for the finest gender on earth. I propose every American women pitch a tent at Mr. Limbaugh's office and allow him to state or explain his indifference with the beauty of our women. This rotunda of a man lives in a wasteland of saturated fats and milky ways. To insult our President's wife tells us Mr. Limbaugh has reached an end of a career that never had posture.

A hypocrite? I would have to say more than that. Remember this is the women that walked into a $270,000+ job at the University of Chicago that appeared and disappeared just for her. And remember a year after it's formation in 2005 Michele Obama retained a position on the board of Treehouse Foods. I would not consider Treehouse a cauldron of healthy food.
One year after its formation a non-food industry obtained a nice monetary compensation package from them. No, this women under any other conditions doesn't have the right to tell me what food is appropriate for my family, but with her hypocritical background, no way. With her husbands continued failure in policy and subsequent destruction of the economy myself and family may be forced to eat healthy, that is weeds and tree bark. This agnostic believes if there is a hell she has an appointment ticket. As far as Rush, he exaggerates the truth to make a point. The difference people is that Rush is not using tax payers resources to tell me what to eat.

Rush Limbaugh is a fat, racists, drug abusing swine. Who is he to criticize Michelle Obama, when he is significantly overweight and a miserable failure at marriage who has been divorced several times. This man has no morals. I am appalled that he has this many supporters.

You people that keep calling Rush a hypocrit are insane. He is not the one dictating what people should eat. The Obamas have never had to work for anything in their lives. Michelle had a made up job at a hospital that was so important that the position was taking away. You people that talk about Rush are pathetic. Here you have a man who speaks for Liberty and Freedom. Freedom of speech. If you over sensitive libs dont like, dont listen to it. Simple.

Oh yes. Rush is right. M. Obama preaches all of this good health stuff, yet she is obviously extremely overweight herself. She is a hypocrite and until she is fit, she does not need to preach nutrition to anyone.

I thought this long before Rush ever mentioned anything about Michelle Obama's weight. She is not a skinny woman, below the waist especially. She should lead by example. When did she become a nutrition expert? She is an attourney, not a nutritionist.

It's evident that Rush Limbaugh is not going to apologize to the 1st Lady on some of his innapropriate comments, I'd say to his broadcast company that does his radio show pull the plugt on Limbaughs radio show until he apologizes to the 1st Lady.

Pot.... meet Kettle.

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