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Meet the Infinity chile: the hottest chile in the world?

February 22, 2011 |  4:00 pm

Chili pepper 2
It seemed like only yesterday that the Bhut Jolokia (pictured above), also known as the ghost chile, stood out as the commonly acknowledged hottest chile in the world, clocking in at about a million Scoville units. Life at the No. 1 spot can be short-lived in a nuclear arms race for developing the hottest chile around. The emerging champion is known as the Infinity chile, according to BBC News. It weighs in at 1,176,182 Scoville units. Engineered accidentally in a greenhouse by Nick Woods in England, the chile comes with a health warning, outdoing the heat level of chile grenades manufactured by the Indian military. It eclipses the featherweight jalapeno's heat level of about 5,000 Scoville units. Chile eaters may have met their match in the ring. 

-- Max Diamond

Photo credit: David Karp