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Brace yourself for a hike in fast-food costs

You're going to have to fork over more money for that burger.

McDonald's Corp. is looking to increase the price of some menu items as it tries to deal with the rising cost of beef and other ingredients.

And the home of the Golden Arches i not alone. The restaurant industry is expected to raise prices in the face of rising commodity costs, and grocery stores began raising prices last year. Click here to read more on rising food prices.

What do you think about McDonald's and others raising prices? Are you surprised? And are you prepared to pay more?

-- Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Karen Bleier / AFP/Getty Images

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I never ate in a fast food chain. $3.89 for a burger at McDonald - i can feed 4 persons.

McDonald's and the rising cost of beef? Maybe if the started buying beef from the U.S. instead of importing it all the way from Argentina, where they own several of the world's largest cattle ranches. They could certainly buy range-fed beef from Idaho, Montana, Colorado and other places instead of paying the shipping from Argentina. But, like Wal-Mart all they think about is the race to the bottom line, not about a quality product. Maybe that's why chains like Five Guys and others are doing so well-people are getting sick of paying for overpriced, non-nutritional cardboard from offshore.

If we could only banish McD's ads from TV the way we did with alcohol and cigarettes.....parents would have an easier time getting their kids to eat decent food more often.

And you wondered why McDonald's meat has little taste and a stringy consistency?

Aren't the McDonald's burgers already high priced? I got a Big Mac today
and it was $3.89 before tax! I am one of those people who actually like
the Big Mac and I thought it was a lot of money. I live in San Diego.
It seems to me that the price for a burger, chicken sandwich, etc., is higher because of their "one dollar value menu"

There is no inflation. Nothing to see here. Move along. Prices are not rising, and definitely not because of my QE2 scheme. Food is too volatile, so it doesn't count as inflationary no matter how high it goes. $1K for a big mac? Not inflation, because I say so.


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