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Combo Plate: Travel deals, canning dilemma solved, lurking superfoods and more

January 13, 2011 | 12:25 pm

-- A conversation that only foodies can have: On Twitter this morning, @saucela asks: "When you hear the word 'truffles,' do you think savory or sweet?"

-- Celery is making a comeback: Acai berries, mangosteen and macqui berries -- and other things I can't pronounce -- have attained "superfood" labels because of their high antioxidant status. But they'll cost you. But some of the most nutritious, health-protective foods are probably already in your fridge or pantry: Check out this photo gallery of the Top 10 most under-appreciated superfoods.

-- Don't tell Gilroy: Check out this map of the United States with each state's signature food or crop over at My Food Looks Funny. It's grapes for California. Iowa is apparently into "loose meat sandwiches." (Can anyone school me on what that is? And please tell me there's a more appetizing name than that.) Since I was raised in Jersey, I can attest to the Garden State's love for the Italian sub, yo.

-- Don't make me come over there: Canning can be expensive. Moreso when the inconsiderate clods you call your "friends" fail to return your costly canning jars. You could grab a baseball bat and go -- whoops, sorry, that's the Jersey in me slipping out. But Dorothy Reinhold of the blog Shockingly Delicious has a much better idea, above. She's made up labels that carry a poem:

A canning jar is truly something,
A special gift that keeps on giving.
When it’s empty, don’t despair,
Please send it back for another share!
*(And the lids, too!)

-- Travel alert, Part 1: Are you looking for an excuse to go to the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which runs Jan. 27 through Feb. 6? Here you go: Our Travel section has the details on 30 restaurants offering Film Feast menus to tease palates, fill tummies and send satiated movie buffs on their way to the next darkened theater. The fixed-price dinners offer saving up to 40% off.

-- Travel alert, Part 2: If you're hitting the road, do a little advance footwork to find out whether your destination city participates in restaurant weeks. Our Travel section will feature five destinations that offer big savings in the upcoming weeks, including: D.C., Chicago, and New York City

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-- Rene Lynch

Photo: Dorothy Reinhold / Shockingly Delicious