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Combo Plate: Pantyhose in the kitchen, diaper cakes and long live the King

Rainbow_flan -- Am I the only person unfamiliar with the term "diaper cakes"? I saw the term whiz by me online, and while I followed the trail, I had visions of layered cakes, fancy decorations or smartly appointed turnovers. Well, Lil Sugar schools me: Diaper cakes are a baby-shower mainstay, and they are definitely not edible.

-- Blogspotting: When's the last time you saw a recipe call for pantyhose? Exactly! Check out the layered rainbow flan over at Ravenous Couple. Your Twip of the day: Follow them @ravenouscouple

-- Before, meet after: Frankly, I could spend all day looking at kitchen remodeling photos. Unfortunately, I don't get paid to do that. But this scratches the itch, via the Kitchn.

-- Proceed at your own risk: To commemorate Elvis' birthday, the Web was abuzz last week with all manner of recipes that called for peanut butter, bacon, bananas or all three. And then there was this recipe for peanut butter bacon cupcakes, which also calls for, among other things: 1/4 cup of bacon grease, two packages of cream cheese, and a pound of bacon. No wonder the King is dead.

-- Download & laminate: Dontcha wish there were, you know, a cheat sheet for navigating the supermarket? Darya Pino over at the Huffington Post had the same idea. And she created this cool flowchart. 

-- Don't mess with vegetarians: They're suing two federal agencies for ignoring a vegetarian alternative to the traditional food pyramid — despite skyrocketing obesity and diabetes rates. Our Health section has the story: "Doctors' group sues USDA over vegetarian alternative to food pyramid."

--Rene Lynch
twitter / renelynch

Photo credit: Ravenous Couple

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Thanks for the mention, though the chart was originally published at Summer Tomato.


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