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A big-league appetite

January 20, 2011 |  4:48 pm

Today, it seems, everyone is a food blogger. It's impossible to go out to eat without snapping a picture of your plate before you take the first taste. But certainly one of the more unusual of the culinarily compelled photographers is one J.R. Giddens. His name won't mean much to foodies, but basketball fans will remember him for the couple years he spent playing — rarely, to be sure — for the Boston Celtics (Boo!) after having come out of the program of my alma mater, the University of New Mexico (Go,  Lobos!).

Giddens has had a checkered career, to put it mildly, and now he is toiling in the European League for Power Electronics Valencia. Or at least he has been. Ol' J.R.'s on the hot seat again, and according to the folks at ESPN's True Hoops blog, it's because team officials are upset with his constant tweeting of pictures of everything he eats.

And if you ever thought that playing in the European league might be just the ticket for a cheap gastronomic tour (admit it, the thought has occurred), his Twitter feed will cure that. It's like an endless stream of room service, most of it almost exactly what you’d expect to find in almost any American Holiday Inn, heavy on the ice cream.

Either that or maybe he just needs to brush up on his photo skills.

--Russ Parsons

Photo: "Room service is poppin spanish rice\vegtables.. Grilled salmon.. Icecream.. Cokes to wash it down" by J.R. Giddens