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Beijing Pie House is not about sweets but all about delicious

December 16, 2010 |  9:17 am

If the name Beijing Pie House makes you think of a bakery filled with sweet confections, think again. We're talking meat- and vegetable-filled pies, savory pancakes and so much more. I defy you to read the first paragraph of this story and not e-mail friends to make a date to go check it out:

Trying to eat a warm, doughnut-size meat pie from Beijing Pie House with any sort of decorum is a real challenge. They're probably best consumed leaning over a huge plate or the kitchen sink, because the garlicky juices spurt out in every direction the instant you bite into the crisp, potato-chip-like crust.

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Photo: For the pork homeland meat cake, above, thin dough layers alternate with spice-suffused minced meat. Baked to a shimmery burnished gold, every bite yields a mouthful of kaleidoscopic textural contrasts. Credit: Anne Cusack / Los Angeles Times