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Martha Stewart facing a do-or-die moment

Martha Stewart is not a sentimentalist. True, she became this country's first female self-made billionaire by pinpointing the very things many people feel most sentimental about: home-cooked meals, handmade Christmas wreaths, a warm bed with tightly tucked sheets. But she's always used those ideas to promote a lifestyle — one that can be achieved with Martha Stewart-brand products. After a reputation-damaging jail stint and a subsequent billion-dollar loss to her company, that lifestyle has become a tougher sell. Her company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, reported a $14-million loss in 2009.

On the eve of her annual Christmas special bonanza — "Martha Stewart's Holiday Open House," guest-starring Jennifer Garner and Claire Danes, airs Monday on the Hallmark Channel — America's No. 1 Working Mom knows she's facing a do-or-die moment. In order to promote her merchandise, which is sold at Macy's, Home Depot and PetSmart, she needs television. And unlike her flawless croquembouche recipe, her TV ratings haven't been the very best they could be. Read the rest of the story in Sunday's Calendar:

Martha Stewart at her Manhattan taping studio in New York. Credit: Carolyn Cole / Los Angeles Times

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I just received my Jan issue of MSL, and always rush to read it, boy, I WAS SHOCKED, Ad for PREMARIN, totally inapropriate for MS, who loves animals. I am sure that you are well aware of how this is obtained, Yes, I am also well aware that you need revenue to pay for the magazine, etc. Martha, PLEASE do not lower yourself to except money for publication from people who abused animals. You are a voice for Pets, a lover of HORSES. Would you like to see your beautiful horse treated in such an inhumane way. Look into their eyes, what do you see. Please look into this advertising, make an apology to your readers, I can only say that if I receive another issue with this ad, or in any of your other pubs, I will immediately cancel my subs and so will my friends and family, as I will make sure they do, and will promote this to all I know. Please think twice

If you wish to comment, it would be greatly appreciated

A faithful reader since your first book, which I still have dearly,


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