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Food writer Harris Salat launches online shop Everyday Japanese

ForkaniStill looking for holiday gifts for cooks? I found a few at food writer Harris Salat's new online shop Everyday Japanese. Salat, who is co-author of "Japanese Hot Pots" and the forthcoming "Japanese Grill," curates a Web store of cookware, kitchen tools and ingredients such as freshly pressed soy sauce, farmhouse-style miso, smoked sea salt and other hand-picked, high-quality basics.

"All of it is stuff I cook with myself," says Salat, who is hoping to add products such as hatcho miso, made of only soybeans and aged in cedar casks.

I was intrigued by the "for kani [crab]" scissors (pictured above) with serrated jaws to crack hard shells and blades that cut softer shells (one of the blades is long and thin enough to be used to excavate meat from inside the claw). Just in time for Dungeness crab season.

"I like to think some guy was eating crab and said to himself,'I'm going to make a better crab scissor," Salat says. 

There are also handmade copper graters, dimpled pots (the dimples create more surface area for conducting heat) with convenient spouts for pouring liquids, and reasonably priced knives.  

Through Dec. 31, shipping for orders over $60 is free, and there's a holiday discount code for 10% off: HOLIDAY10. 

-- Betty Hallock


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Photo: Everyday Japanese

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Nice site. I love Japanese food. Hard to get Japanese cookware or ingredients, unless you have a Japanese or other Asian supermarket close by. There are some good Christmas ideas for 2010>.


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