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Poll: Are you feeling foodie fatigue?

I'd answer in the affirmative, but I'm too tired.

Make some time to read this humorous and insightful piece written by our colleague Christopher Borrelli over at the Chicago Tribune. It's a heart-felt plea -- enough already! -- for calm in foodie nation. It's long, but it's worth it as it takes a look at the tiring "food-knowledge-as-competition thing, the fetishizing of "Top Chef," the debates over home sous-vide machines, the Twitter wars between chefs, farm-to-table dinners, lardcore, whoopie pies, raw milk, bitters."

This quote in the piece captures it best:

"Having more people interested in good food is never a bad thing," said food writer Amanda Hesser, who recently assembled "The Essential New York Times Cookbook." But what she can't stand, she said, is eating dinner with people who "only want to talk about food and every place where they ate, like, doughnuts or something, and where the best doughnuts are secretly found. Knowing a lot about food culture is a good thing. That cataloguing of food experience is becoming tiresome. I'm pro-food experts. I'm just not so sure I want to have dinner with them or have them judge me on the coffee I drink."

I also plead guilty to participating in some of this foodiot hysteria. What do you think? Are you guilty too? Or are you just tired of it all and glad that someone finally pointed it all out? Weigh in: 

--Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: Molecular gastronomy meets Super Bowl buffalo wings in this dish by "Top Chef"-er Michael Voltaggio. And while I do suffer foodie fatique, I doubt that I'd ever get tired eating this (or anything else he serves). Photo credit: Krista Simmons / Los Angeles Times

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Hey all the people I know and are related to are foodies and have been for decades; and we are all tired of this extreme food presentation and use of extreme products. I want to eat: yes, I want to see pretty food but most of all I wan to enjoy the food and not worry about it's cleverness, it's coyness or it's sarcasm. Human beings eat -- sadly, we have taken food to the nth degree of weirdness instead of exploring it's value to us.

Every time my family got together it was over food; now when my friends get together we cook and eat. We enjoy it and have great times. For food to be over-the-top sophisticated and seemingly out of reach of plain folks is just a bunch of crap. And guess what?? It kinda ends up in that pile anyway...

I couldn't agree more. I can't deal with too many 1mm depth of field shots. When you have to hire a Thessaurist or Anthropologist to write your menu, it's gone a bit far. But nonetheless, it's cool!

For the Fetishistas, how about some Fantasy Top Chef Teams? To me, the subject of food, wine and coffee hardly ever get boring, but there will always be a point when the ad nauseum finds my gut and kicks it.

Every hobby/pop culture nugget has its crazy fanatics. Just as baseball fans could tell you who hit how many home runs at which stadium in what inning on a certain year, or a Trekker who walks around in Star Trek command uniform with tricorder strapped to his/her belt in daily life, the food snobs mentioned in this articles are those.

Guilty of still running around photographing food. But I don't judge people if they eat at Del Taco (I do!) instead of at the Border Grill truck, or drinking fluffy flavored mochalatte extravaganza at Starbucks instead of a basic Verve latte (although Verve is damn tasty...)

I just want to eat something tasty and share my experience with my friends, goddammit...


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