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11 baking days til Christmas....

December 14, 2010 |  2:41 pm

Cookies Does it get any better than mom's butter cookies?

The answer is "no."

This recipe comes from colleague Mary MacVean -- they're the butter cookies her mom used to make each holiday. You can read more about Mary's mom's cookies here:

Like Monday's gingerbread recipe, these cookies can also be made ahead: When the cookies are cooled, just cover them tightly and freeze until ready to frost, up to 2 months; thaw before frosting. (There's no way those cookies would last in my freezer for two months....)

And for those of you who might be thinking, "Hey, where are those Top 10 cookies from the L.A. Times Holiday Cookie Bake-Off?" here's the deal: Wednesday is our print production day and we'll start posting the recipes just as soon as we can, even if we have to do it piecemeal. So check back throughout the day at www.latimes.com/food

What are you baking as we get closer and closer to Christmas?

-- Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch


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