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What do you want in your stocking this holiday season?

I was listening to Kevin & Bean on KROQ this morning (am I the only one who has trouble telling the two of them apart?) and they joked that “everyone” knows you can’t give your wife/husband/significant other a kitchen gadget for their birthday, anniversary or Christmas –- that that’s just asking for trouble.

Do you think that's true? Or do such rules not apply to foodiots like us?

I'd happily sign on the dotted line to receive kitchen gadgets, appliances, cookbooks and anything else cooking related for every gift-giving holiday for the rest of my life. What about you?

And since we're talking gifts, what are you hankering for this holiday season? I'm thinking about an espresso maker. Any suggestions out there for a brand you love? (Or one I should avoid like the plague?)

-- Rene Lynch
Twitter.com / renelynch

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I will accept with deep and lasting gratitude the meat grinder, blender and citrus juicer attachments for my Cuisinart 7 qt. Stand Mixer. Plus Organic (lightly roasted) Columbian or Indian coffee for my Cuisinart Brew Central coffee maker.

That should do it ;)

I'd never turn up my nose at a kitchen gadget, whether it be small and fun or over-the-top indulgent. I have fun cooking; why not add to the fun?

One thing I'm putting on my kitchen wish list this year is one of those swanky kitchen countertop compost containers - the ones with the charcoal filter to reduce odors - preferably in stainless steel. Sure, it's no diamond bracelet. But it'll make "going green" a lot nicer to look at in the kitchen. -- Jeanne at http://www.jollytomato.com

I want a didi davis food Salt Blend Collection in my stocking!!! So pretty and SO delicious!

The hubby's motto is "You'll never be happy unless your wife is". Heehee. So we're waiting for the blender to die and then I can get a new one. But that's not really important. I'm currently in search for a perfect tart pan and a food mill. :)

I'm a coffee professional of 10 years and I would pee my pants if my husband gave me a single group head version of Synesso's Cyncra for my kitchen counter. It is truly a full scale professional machine and then some that could sit on your counter! It is pretty much a mini version of What Intelagencia has sitting on their bar in Pasadena and Silver Lake. I have hung out with the guys that makes them (by hand) in Seattle. He was one of the first people to teach me latte art!


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