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'Kitchen Impossible' with Danny Bonaduce

I have a bit of a Danny Bonaduce obsession. Maybe it's because I watched the former child star on "The Partridge Family." Or because I got sucked into "Breaking Bonaduce." Or because he was a natural drive time deejay with "Jamie and Danny" on Star 98. Bonaduce himself would probably say it's because his life, at times, has been like a drug-and-alcohol-induced train wreck and it's impossible to look away.

And I also have a thing about kitchen remodeling: I've never seen a shiny kitchen appliance that I didn't want to ooh and aah over.

So I gladly watched a sneak peek of tonight's "Kitchen Impossible" episode on DIY Network, where Bonaduce -- now deejaying in Philadelphia, remakes the postage-stamp-size kitchen atop his three-story, 200-year-old brick home.

Despite charming historic features such as 180-year-old wide-plank wood flooring, the house comes with a hideous '70s-style kitchen, above. The remodel is complicated by its location, requiring a 14,000-ton crane that can load stuff in through the third-story windows.

Through it all, Danny plays to the camera, because, what else would he do? When it's time for demo, he doesn't want to neatly unscrew cabinets from walls. He wants permission to yank them down, or apart, with his bare hands by punching them. Of course!

I tuned in half-hoping to hear news that Danny and the long-suffering Gretchen were back together and doing swell. But in fact, Danny has moved on and has a fiance, Amy Railsbeck, who loves to cook. Hence the need for a new kitchen. And boy do they get a gorgeous new one.

Danny seems to be doing well himself, so consider this episode an epilogue of sorts to "Breaking Bonaduce."

-- Rene Lynch
Twitter / renelynch

Photo: "Kitchen Impossible" host Marc Bartolomeo, Danny Bonaduce and Amy Railsbeck. Credit: DIY  Network

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Hey Danny, (cute)Amy, Metro, Sarah and the gang behind the scenes up early everyday at WYSP. It's Bartolomeo here...saying what a wonderful time and experience I had remodeling your historic home. The show was hilarious, as I expected it to be, with such a colorful fella as you are. I really do enjoy your show when I'm driving to set in the mornings to renovate kitchens all over the S.E. Penn. territory. Do hope to see you guys again for a cocktail or seven oneday after work?

Peace to all...

Go Phils... looking like they can't be stopped...
Goode Luck

Good luck Danny! You may be a train wreck, but we keep looking because you are genuinely interesting. Or maybe just genuine.

Amy is so cute! Loved this show. Way to go Bonaduce.


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