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Yea or nay: Wine Wipes


Would you -- or do you -- use Wine Wipes?

Wine Wipes are billed as a handy dandy way to get rid of those red-wine stains on your teeth -- they come in a little carrying case you pop in your purse (I take it these are aimed at the ladies) and just swipe across your teeth and mouth. Maybe it's because I'm a white-wine drinker, but I had no idea that this was such an issue.

From the press release:

Wine Wipes will ensure that you’re smiling pretty, not purple, for whomever is looking, whether it’s the paparazzi, your date, your friends, or your boss. The best part – the wipes are made with natural ingredients, like salt, baking soda, glycerin, and calcium, so they cleanse AND protect from further staining without interfering with the taste of your wine so you can sip, wipe, and sip again.

Intrigued, I did some Googling to find of video Wine Wipes in action and discovered just that over at Meg's Makeup. Not sure how "discreet" they are, but Meg sure seems to like them.

What do you say? Yea or nay?

-- Rene Lynch
twitter.com / renelynch

Photo: Wine Wipes

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I can honestly say I have used Wine Wipes on many occasions and so have my wine swilling frinds and they truely work awsome!

I love Wine Wipes! They're classy, convenient, natural and they really work..pure genius!!


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