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The Find: La Huasteca in Lynwood

Chef Rocio Camacho, who made her mark at Moles La Tia, is focusing on pre-Columbian cuisine at La Huasteca in Lynwood. Camacho brings many of her moles with her, but at La Huasteca the focus is on a wider exploration of pre-Columbian cuisine. It's a passion for the native ingredients and techniques of Mexico owed to her Mixtec ancestry and the inheritance of four generations of Oaxacan culinary tradition. Which all explains why La Huasteca is our Find of the week. Read more on La Huasteca.

Photo: Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times


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Being that I'm Mexican-American, I limit my Mexican food consumption to family/home cooked meals as much as possible. The only time I went to La Huasteca, was because one of my employees strongly recommended it. I really wanted to like it. Unfortunately, I was very disappointing. I can't remember what I had but I was part of a large group that purposely chose different items on the menu so that we could have a test of every plate. Everyone else at the table felt the same way. Unfortunately, La Huasteca was no different than most restaurants in Los Angeles that try to pass their cuisine as authentic Mexican. They should realize that simply smothering a plate with cheese and serving beans and rice on the side does not equal Mexican.


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