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Ruth Reichl lands on her feet

Ruth The big question in food publishing for the last year has been where Ruth Reichl would land after Condé Nast closed down Gourmet magazine last October. Today, Random House publishers announced that she would be joining them as an author and editor-at-large. Apparently, Reichl, already a bestselling author, has contracted for three books, two of which will be nonfiction, including “The Tao of Ruth,” which she says was suggested in an Anthony Bourdain story (wonder what Twitter phenomenon “Ruth Bourdain” will have to say about that?). The other will be the latest installment in her memoirs, covering the years at Gourmet. Food gossip fans are already salivating. In addition, there are plans for her first novel, “Delicious.”

As editor-at-large, the company says she will have responsibilities for both traditional print and digital projects.

Reichl edited Gourmet from 1999 until the magazine’s closing. Prior to that she had been restaurant critic at the New York Times and restaurant critic and food editor at the Los Angeles Times.

-- Russ Parsons

Photo: Richard Drew / Associated Press

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Hooray! A supremely qualified and sophisticated author is getting her due--even though she'll still have a lot of hard work ahead, I hope she's pleased. I am!

All great news, Ruth. Congratulations!

I am still hoping that she will create a quality food magazine like Gourmet - which I miss...digital version would be fine. No other magazine has come close to the quality of Gourmet.

I still do not know why Gourmet cratered (other than money). We still receive their awful successor (Bon Appetit), but will let is lapse when the sub credit expires.


poor Random House

Who cares.

what exactly does an "editor" at Gourmet magazine do - and how does one distinguish from one editor to another ? I ask because there must be 100 people who are credited as "editor" of Gourmet on their "Diary of a Foodie" television series. What is an editor in their use and what did she do that was different ?


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