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It's the weekend, and Josh Goldman is guest bartender at District in Hollywood

September 10, 2010 | 12:40 pm


Don't order a BLT from Josh Goldman's cocktail menu at District thinking that you're going to get a sandwich (I vaguely did, but in my defense it had been two hours since my fried chicken dinner at Pann's). What you will get: bacon-infused bourbon topped with tomato water foam in a martini glass served with a ceramic-spoonful of romaine lettuce granita. (You take alternate sips of the bacon-y bourbon and tomato water concoction and bites of lettuce granita.) I can't decide whether it's the next best thing to an actual BLT or if it is indeed even better than a BLT. After all, it's got bourbon in it.

Goldman, the sommelier who most recently was at the Dining Room at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, will be behind the bar at District from Thursday to Saturday, 6 p.m. to midnight, for the next few weeks, so catch his drinks while you can. His cocktails may vary nightly. Sadly, Goldman says the prep time for the BLT (there is some sous vide-ing involved as well as several filtrations of the bacon-infused bourbon) may prevent its regular appearance on the menu. 

But don't feel let down, because check out these other cocktails: the Basque Sangria made with Floc de Gascogne, the Southwestern French aperitif wine fortified with armagnac, and freeze-dried fruit (he'll explain that you can eat the freeze-dried fruit as a garnish or let it settle into the drink to soak up the liquid); the Mr. Ice T with Scotch, matcha powder and yuzu air; and the Wise George with fino sherry, peach, sage and paprika. "Paprika and peaches -- the paprika really makes the flavor of peaches pop," Goldman says.  

Oh, and one more cocktail, one that was off the menu last night. When faced with a request for a gin cocktail, Goldman served gin with a little lime and cucumber juice and pea-sized spheres of Fever Tree tonic at the bottom of a martini glass. "When you start the drink it's a martini," he says, "but when you get to the spheres at the bottom, it's a gin and tonic." Two drinks in one.

District, 6600 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, (323) 962-8800, www.districtonsunset.com

-- Betty Hallock   

Photo credit: Betty Hallock / Los Angeles Times