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Combo Plate: Rustic roast beef, WeHo Taste Art, kitchen cleanup and more

September 29, 2010 |  4:22 pm

-- I found the above video for a "rustic" barbecue roast beef oddly mesmerizing perhaps because it's the antithesis of anything slick, cool or overly produced. I like his use of food prep gloves, throaty Sam Elliott-esque narratio, and the grunts and groans of approval. And I have questions such as is that guy using a machete?!? (His knife skills made me a little nervous.) And why the mystery -- no money shot, but a thumbs up? It looks like he takes something out of his mouth when he prepares to tastes the final dish. What is it? I like to imagine it is a corncob pipe. I found this video on Denver Food Guy's Twitter feed.

-- This sunflower adorned wedding cake is also billed as "rustic." IMHO, that's false advertising. This cake is so pretty that I'd have a hard time taking a knife to it.

-- Food meets art in Taste Art. Each Tuesday in October, West Hollywood restaurants pair with art galleries to create "one-of-a-kind art-inspired dining experiences...The night will be accompanied by remarks from the chef, sommelier and gallery curator and/or artist." Hosted by The Avenues: Art, Fashion and Design District and Los Angeles Times Magazine, a portion of the proceeds go to the West Hollywood Library Fund. Click here for details.

-- This has been a hot topic of late: kitchen cleanliness. The New York Times (and a very brave writer) take it up a notch by inviting an inspector into his home. Find out whether he made the grade.

-- Yahoo readers pick the best chocolate chip cookies -- in America!

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-- Rene Lynch