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Restaurant hostess sues Disney for permission to wear hijab

Disney being sued over hijab

A Muslim woman who works as a hostess at a Disney-owned restaurant filed a discrimination complaint against the entertainment giant Wednesday, saying it has repeatedly sent her home without pay for refusing to remove her headscarf at work.

Read the whole story:

Disney restaurant hostess sues for permission to wear hijab

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This is very simple: "SOUTH PARK" Round Two

Fundamentalist/Political Islam AKA Islamism vs The Entertainment Industry

The Saudi-funded political-pressure group CAIR understands FULLY the power of the Media/Entertainment Conglomerates & are using this unwitting woman (who worked for 2+ years under this dress code with no complaint) for their own political agenda.

CAIR's membership ranks plummeted from 29,000 to under 1,700 in just 6 years & now that they are "independently-funded" (AKA Saudi sources) they no longer need to be concerned about how tough this will make life for AVERAGE, FREEDOM-LOVING MUSLIMS who WANT to assimilate into American life.

CAIR has a clear agenda for promoting Sharia Law worldwide & with the help of radical Wahhabist Muslims from Saudi royal family (over 5,000 members total) they will promote the same radical agenda that the Wahhabists finance ALREADY in many American mosques.

BOTTOM LINE: Round 2 is a MUCH bigger issue than Round 1...the relatively frivolous freedom to satirize a religious figure that Viacom ("South Park" producers) acquiesced on is trivial (by COMPARISON) to the right of a PRIVATELY-OWNED employer to establish codes of dress/behavior for THEIR employees. DISNEY NEEDS TO FIGHT THIS TO THE END and the legal precedent is on their side in this issue...many courts on many levels have given private employers a CLEAR right to set certain standards for THEIR employees.

wow I was about to send a $1,000.00
to the flood victims in Pakistan until I read this


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