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Chasing L.A.'s food trucks sends hearts a-Twitter

Couple The Twitterati have transformed road stoves into something much more than a place to find cheap, unique eats: They're now a meeting point for young singles to connect. A collision of technology, food and followers, the food truck phenomenon has become like a roving dating service and street meat market.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. It makes sense that L.A.'s mobile food culture would serve as a platform for the ever-expanding Internet-based dating scene. After all, Los Angeles has one of the largest networks of trucks and carts in the country. Singles are meeting in line and on Twitter while stalking their favorite trucks, some even are taking their first dates to street food festivals (where trucks gather) to show off their savvy.

It's a natural outgrowth of L.A.'s vehicular culture. Now, your date is likely to ask not only what car you drive but also what truck you're hitting up later. To read more about these roving romances, head to Brand X.

-- Krista Simmons

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Photo: Megan Goodchild and Nick Cernoch at the L.A Street Food Festival on Saturday. Credit: Tara Godvin for The Times

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Twitter has definitely become a food cart directory for some. We always tweet our location.

I got a idea that the L.A.'s mobile food culture would serve as a platform for the ever-expanding Internet-based dating scene.

bus rental

I know the couple in this picture and they are awesome! :)

This might be the first good use of the food truck. To say they offer anything unique or cheap is nonsense. There are precious few that serve unique food and no truck that promises a twitter hookup is cheap. You're better off reading Jonathan Gold for the good food and finding love the old-fashioned way.


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