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Combo Plate: Cupcakes, lion burgers and the mansion that Chef Boyardee built

-- Gourmet is back. Kind of. Find out what Ruth Reichl has to say about efforts to revive the defunct mag on your iPad. [LA Weekly]  

 -- Chef Boyardee's mansion -- set on 2.8 acres in Milton, Penn. -- is up for auction. [Luxist]

-- Did you order high-fructose corn syrup with that sub? [Slashfood]

-- Won't you be my neighbor? Eater LA reports that Five Guys is looking for places to expand its burger domain.

-- Let's overdose on cuteness, shall we? Adrianna at A Cozy Kitchen celebrates all things girly, and we are glad. (The cupcakes, above, are inspired by this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.) Your Twip of the day? Follow @acozykitchen and @smittenkitchen

-- Speaking of cupcakes: Get ready for the parking nightmare as Magnolia Bakery (yeah!) comes to Los Angeles.

-- A Mesa, Ariz., restaurant is under fire for plans to serve burgers made of lion meat.

Photo: A Cozy Kitchen 

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My hat off to Cameron Selogie for resisting the animal humaniacs and PETA type loosers by serving a very good burger made of lion. I had jerky made from lion a few years back at an exotic animal auction and it was very good. People need to look at this for the reality it is, and stop judging the rights or desires of others who have different thoughts and desires. I have been in the exotic cat business for over 36 years. My cougars were the ones who traveled all over the US and Canada for Lincoln-Mercury dealers. I have presented educational programs to millions of children about tigers, lions, and other big cats, along with teaching why we need them in the wild. I trained Dolphins before that in Florida. Close to a million children have had a picture taken with at least one of my exotic cats. I loveed every cat I had. But that does not mean I am against eating any animal that is raised in captivity for human consumption. There is a difference between hunting, killing, and eating or just making a trophy of an animal in the wild, vs eating an animal raised in captivity for the purpose of human food. Cattle ranchers, pig farmers, chicken farmers, they all raise these animals for human food. There are people who have these animals also as pets. The animals we eat from these sources would not even have been born if they were not raised for food. Same situation here, the lions raised in Illinois are raised for consumption. If they were not raised for such, they would not be raised at all, or possibly for zoo purposes. Dining on these lions does not reduce or effect the wild population in any way, they were raised in captivity. Lions are not endangered, as is the tiger. However, again, what would be the problem if we were to dine on a tiger, as many old time Asians do, that was raised in captivity for the sole purpose of human consumption, a tiger farm? Just like the cattle farmer, or the pig farmer, or the chicken farmer? Same thing, all of Gods creatures, all available to eat. We just put higher or lower values on these animals based on cuteness, how we fell in love with them in a zoo, cartoon or movie. Who are we to play God and say which animals we can eat for food, and which animals are to cute to eat? To us, fluffy our cat is cute and cuddly, and has same rights of our house as any human. To another country, fluffy is a source in which to feed children who are trying to live, to survive, and fluffy is a wonderful meal. Who are you to judge? I hope Cameron Selogie decides to keep this on the menu for good. Those who do not like it, could eat elsewhere and plan a different non-reality animal activist attack. Animal activism is proper and needed, but activism in a reality way, not the unreal, irrational way, the PETA way! Just a thought, don't you think the commercial raising of these animals for human consumption would also put a stop to poaching the real live wild ones in the wild that are taken for their skins, etc? There would be no black market for these illegal poachers to sell their illegal booty to if there were more economical, legal sources for these animals by-products! Go Cameron Selogie! I'll be glad to dine with you anytime!


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