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What I hate about eating out, cooking with pot, MIA Thai food and more

May 19, 2010 |  5:00 pm

funny food photos - Chicken Pot Poison

--My new favorite blog: My Food Looks Funny.

--Let's get stoned. And cook: Marijuana fuels a new kitchen culture. [New York Times]

--And nothing cures the munchies like pizza. Especially homemade pizza. [New York Times]

--AAARRRRGH. The most annoying part about eating out is.... [SFGate]

--Why you can't find real Thai food in Bangkok. [Time]

--Everything you'd ever want to know about baking with whole grains. 'Cause that makes it healthy, right? [Chicago Tribune]

--Hey, ever wonder why asparagus makes your ... er ... um ... well, just click here: [Mental Floss]

--Get your greens on: Recipe Girl is featuring 30 salad favorites, including Five-Minute Salad. In other words, if you cannot find it here, you just don't like salad.

--Rene Lynch
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