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Beer cheese and pizza-sized pretzels: Dodger Stadium's new menu items for 2010 season

Dodger Stadium Victory Knot giant pretzel Few things about sporting events make me giddy. I mean, I like the cheering, the good-natured rivalries, the spirit colors -- but the part that really makes me swoon? Game food. So when it comes to baseball -- where it is completely acceptable to hang out with friends and guiltlessly down hot dogs and beer -- I say count me in.

Dodger Stadium understands that the food gets (almost) as much attention as the game. So Executive Chef Joseph Martin and restaurant partner Levy Restaurants have made sure that when the Dodgers play the Arizona Diamondbacks on Opening Day next Tuesday (April 13), fans will be able to munch on exciting new food while warming those bleachers.

New on the menu is the giant Victory Knot pretzel with beer cheese dipping sauce, gourmet Niman Ranch sausages and the spicy Picante Dog, back by popular demand (literally -- it has its own Facebook fan group which was dedicated to bringing it back from menu dormancy).

The new pizza-sized Victory Knot is made with two pounds of dough, topped with sea salt and served with three dipping sauces -- chipotle honey mustard, sweet cinnamon crème, and beer cheese. The calorie information wasn't available when we wrote this, but we can surmise that it's best not to try and eat one by yourself -- it’s supposed to serve four.

If hot dogs and beer cheese don’t sound like something you want to stomach for nine innings, three Health Plate carts serve healthier fare: spicy shrimp cocktail, fresh seasonal fruit salad, curried chicken lettuce wraps and sushi. Spicy tuna rolls at a baseball game, though? I might just stick with my $5 Dodger Dog.

(Keep reading about Dodger Stadium's new grub after the jump.)

But for those who care about such things, a Dodger Dog with a bun reportedly weighs in at 410 calories, the Niman Ranch sausages at Dodger Stadium Niman Ranch sausages (like chipotle cheddar and apple gouda) range from 190-210 calories on their own, and the curried chicken wraps go down easy at 290. Gluten-free beer and snacks (like California Chips and gummy bears) are available at the Health Plate carts.

My Town themed nights are also back. On select nights, special tickets include ethnic cuisines like traditional Venezuelan pabellon criollo (beef and black beans over rice), creative twists like a Black Diamond polish sausage sandwich for Mammoth night, and good ol' cheeseburgers for Facebook night (maybe all that Farmville and Restaurant City playing makes you crave a cheeseburger?)

Each ticket to My Town ($45 individual, $47 with a group) includes a Dodgertown T-shirt and the all-inclusive themed menu, plus Dodger Dogs and other goodies. Several nights, including the Star Wars themed night, sold out last year. Find other My Town night menus and details here.

All this talk of junky, delicious stadium food raises the question: Does anyone really even pay attention to the actual game?

Oh, that’s right: our Dodgers blog does (and so I do, most of the time). Play ball!

-- Kelsey Ramos

Top photo: The new Victory Knot pretzel. Bottom photo: Niman Ranch sausages. Credit: Dodgers

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It's great to see the different combinations that beer cheese is being used.

How about some gluten free hot dogs and hamburgers for all your fans with Celiac Disease?? Gummy bears and chips are good; but, honestly... they really do not fill the bill or the stomach either!
I recently attended a big league ball game where we winter in Florida, and was forced to give up my 6 gluten free crackers, a small chunk of cheese and a handful of almonds at the gate. When are people just going to understand...we have to eat too!
Canadian Betty

Ah! Thanks for the tip, Kelsey! I didn't make it to a game last season... I look forward to checking out a Camacho's fish taco for sure! Well, unless I get arrested in the parking lot first ;) Go Dodgers!

And this is supposed to make us forget the McCreeps? They can keep their pretzels & beer cheese. Go back to Boston and take your dirty laundry with you!

I guess paying for the McCourts divorce and legal battle tastes like a giant pretzel and beer cheese!!!

can we just go back to dodger dogs and beer? the concessions are too damn slow as it is. more choices means slower operations.

I agree with Averagebetty. I still have nightmares of waiting 50 minutes for hotdog & beer, when there was only 8 people in front of me. Talk about about the most inefficient concession stand in the country.

They can afford to allot money to updating stadium food, but they can't seem to spend on players??????? thanks alot McCourts. Hope those A-hole's enjoyed their frivolous spending. JUST SELL THE TEAM ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With hockey season winding down it's definately time to begin contemplating all those DodgerTown guilty goodies. That pretzel looks like something like from an episode of "Man vs Food" and the Niman Ranch sausages blow DodgerDogs out of the park.

Me: If a super DodgerDog is all beef, what's in a regular DodgerDog?
Concession stand worker: (shrugs indifferently) I dunno...meat?

The food may be improved at Dodgers Stadium, but the Giants will be beating them left and right all season. Count on it.

group tickets are $37.00, not $47.00.

Dan... Wow! You sure know how the food are being sold and how the registers are being used. Just a reminder, a lot of us go to Dodger Stadium to actually watch baseball. Yes, the lines are long. Yes, some of the workers are not the most efficient workers in the world. But, that's OK. I'm there for the Dodgers not for ordering food.

Great....how much are they going to charge for this treat....$25.00?

averagebetty: I want you to know that they DO serve fish tacos at Dodger Stadium -- you just have to know where to look!

In their most recent press release, they wrote: "The fish tacos at the Camacho's stands, made with beer-battered cod served with shredded cabbage, chili lime crema, pico de gallo and a fresh lime wedge, were first introduced last season and will also return in 2010."

Hope that helps! Thanks for your comment.

Pretzels and sausages... I wish they'd do fish tacos. Until then, I'll bring my own snacks ;)

How about getting people who know how to operate the register! They are loosing hundreds of thousands of dollars because of the below ineffective process that results in 20% more time taken to fill an order than is needed.

How things SHOULD work:

Step 1: Take the order.
Step 2: Run the card.
Step 3: While the card is running fill the order.
Step 4: Order is filled, receipt is ready, sign off.

How Things CURRENTLY Work:

Step 1: Takes the order
Step 2: Fills the order
Step 3: Runs The Card.
Step 4: wait wait wait wait
Step 5: Order is Filled, receipt is signed

A 2lb pretzel serves four?! Forgetting calories for a moment and simply thinking volume, that's equivalent to about 5 slices of decent bread or 8 slices of thin sandwich bread.

I love hot pretzels, but that's an awful lot.


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