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Paula Deen being sued for $40 million

Paula deen According to our friends over at Ministry of Gossip, celebrity Food Network chef and television personality Paula Deen is being sued for $40 million dollars. What’s the reason? In the words of MOG writer Christie D'Zurilla: “cussing on the job and, um, not cooking very much.”

Maybe Deen is finally realizing that this new healthcare bill’s calorie counting measures might not be so friendly toward those butter-filled, though totally delicious, recipes from the South. After all, imagine if she had to add nutrition facts to the recipes on her website? I would be cussing too.

Then again, she survived that ham in the face in November. I think she’ll most likely come out unscathed, saying "more butter, y'all."

Get the full scoop about the lawsuit here.

-- Kelsey Ramos

Photo: Paula Deen. Credit: Noel Vasquez / Getty Images

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This is utter nonsense. What hardworking cook never says a mild cuss word or two? I certainly do. But I, just like Paula, smile and laugh at myself. I find her recipes full of all the wrong stuff but not worth sueing over. Perhaps she needs a makeover to make all her delicious recipes with low fat, low sugar and carbs, a new goal.

Oh for goodness sakes. She's supposed to what? Shop, set up, cook, talk like she's not who she is...all the while dressed to the nines and entertaining everyone on earth? Put on the Food Network for them; she does that there. They got what they paid for...and more.

Oh, for goodness sakes. She's supposed to shop, set up, cook, entertain, and never say boo...all while dressed for the cameras? If that's what they want, let them watch the Food Network. She gives the folks what they want.


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