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The Find: Hayat's Kitchen in North Hollywood

February 10, 2010 |  9:48 am


Who would have expected it? The best plate of fries in Los Angeles is hidden in a Lebanese kitchen, completely invisible in the back corner of a Burbank strip mall, near a gigantic neon clown sign hawking liquor.

The place is Hayat's Kitchen, and the dish is potatoes harra, and this may be the only place in the universe you can get this particular version, with freshly fried American-style French fries in a pool of fragrant olive oil, doused with sautéed cilantro, red pepper flakes and . . . what's this white goopy stuff? Is it melted cheese? Nope, it's pungent, creamy garlic paste. This plate of fries is so intense and over the top that you might be able to use it to revive the recently deceased.

And then there are the desserts....read more here in C. Thi Nguyen's report.