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Mobile food court is planned for downtown L.A.

Km89jync Downtown working folk and resident urbanites can rejoice. On Feb. 11, a mobile food court is slotted to open in the neighborhood. The lot will boast three to four trucks daily and "ample parking," according to organizers.

"The lot will be on Alameda and Traction," said Matt Geller, Vice President of SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association.

Geller was also the brains behind the Santa Monica mobile food truck lot, which was shut down within a day due to zoning issues. He's still working with the Santa Monica local government to get the Westside lot's business rolling again.

He's optimistic that the fate of the Downtown LA installment won't follow that of Santa Monica because he has the support of the Los Angeles Police Department and local businesses.

"Things get out of control with the food trucks parked on the streets Downtown, especially on the nights of the Artwalk. There are just so many people that congest the streets while they're waiting for trucks. It's really in the LAPD's best interest, and they're behind having more control with the lots."

Geller plans to do both lunch and dinner on the opening day, which happens to coincide with Artwalk. "We're doing a test run," he says. "If it goes over well, and people swarm to it like they did Santa Monica, then we'll do it every day."

-- Krista Simmons

Photo: Coolhaus truck Credit: Stefano Paltera / For The Times

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Hmm I can take the DASH bus or the new Gold line extension in to Little Tokyo for lunch, not too bad of a ride.

traction and alameda is in the arts district, right next to wurstkuche.

I hope they invite some of your more typical truck vendors, (non-hipster) vendors to participate. It's not really street food if it's only CoolHous, Kogi and the like.

Let me get this straight. If I operate a food truck and currently park on along Grand in Bunker Hill where my customers are, and business is fine. You're going to convince me to drive a mile away to an empty lot and tell my customers to drive/walk/run there to meet me? WHAT A PLAN!!

Alameda and Traction isn't exactly close to the business center of downtown, where the office workers would tend to make up the majority of the lunch customers. Try Pershing Square or the cul-de-sac off Sixth St. that ends at the library steps and forget about the parking. The area where Wilshire Blvd. ends also needs to be considered. Finally, "three or four" trucks isn't enough to attract enough customers to make this viable.

There's no room at 5th and Hill! Alameda and Traction will do just fine -- many vacant lots there; just a block or two from Little Tokyo anyway. So long as the 3-4 trucks are switched now and then, that should be a suitable variety of choices.

Directfitz: I'll post as soon as there's a confirmed exact address. Thanks for reading/commenting.

Would you post the physical address please for GPS purposes.

Alameda and Traction...? Call it Little Tokyo so people have a better idea where it is.

"ample parking" What is downtown LA...a suburb? And why Alameda and Traction? It should be at 5th and Hill and not with "ample parking".

if you look like you will buy anything, will strangers ask you for change?

Steve: The location is stated in the post. "The lot will be on Alameda and Traction," said Matt Geller, Vice President of SoCal Mobile Food Vendors Association.

Badly written article. It doesn't even mention the location. Downtown is much larger than a 'neighborhood.'

That being said, only 3 to 4 food trucks?!?!? Huh? That is supposed to be a food court? And what's up with the 'ample' parking requirement? This is STREET FOOD! For pedestrians, residents.

A mobile food court with only 3 or 4 trucks? FAIL.


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