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Dino's Burgers avocado fries are a sure-fire cure for what ails you

February 23, 2010 |  3:43 pm

Photo There's nothing like consuming a monstrous plate of avocado fries to cure what ails you, especially if it's heartache. Avocados naturally possess a large amount of folate, a nutrient important for heart health. And French fries naturally possess a large amount of fat, an ingredient important for psychological soothing.

Which is why, if you've recently been through emotional turmoil of any sort, you should immediately head to Dino's Burgers on Main Street in Lincoln Heights, where you can indulge in the most freakishly large plate of avocado fries that you have ever set eyes on.

Now, I'm not saying that I've been through emotional turmoil, or that I would necessarily indulge in more than my daily recommended serving of fat and calories in one sitting if I had. I'm just saying that recent events have caused me to head to Dino's Burgers for fatty relief, followed by a melodramatic visit to my bathroom scale and a heaping serving of self-recrimination.

But that's not all Dino's Burgers is good for. It's a greasy gem of a roadside shack that serves up some of the finest melty-cheese burgers, towering pastrami sandwiches and iceberg lettuce "green" salads dripping in creamy ranch dressing that restaurants of its ilk have to offer.

Just ask regulars like Ernesto de la Loza, a muralist who says Dino's Burgers is part of his regular routine whenever he is in Lincoln Heights. I ran into him with friends when I was running reconnaissance on the restaurant based on the tarnished awesomeness of its sign. 

That was weeks ago. Things may have changed in my life since then, but thankfully Dino's hasn't. A girl may go through some trauma, but there's always Dino's avocado fries to help her pick up the pieces.

Dino's Burgers, 2817 N Main St., Los Angeles. (323) 223-1843.

-- Jessica Gelt

Photo: Deanna deVries