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Valet parking: Now accepting credit cards


How many times have you stood in the valet line to retrieve your car after a meal only to realize that you don't have any cash, forced to ask friends or maybe even worse -- your date -- to lend you money?

Starting Dec. 1, valet stations at Osteria and Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood and just-opened Bouchon in Beverly Hills will accept credit cards. Regent Hospitality Parking, which provides valet services at Mozza and Bouchon, among other restaurants, says that valet stations here will have wireless credit card terminals and that transactions will be completed "in less than one minute."

Regent Hospitality founder Brad Saltzman says that credit cards will be accepted at other restaurants' valet stands depending on the success of the company's efforts at Mozza and Bouchon. Valet parking fees at each restaurant will remain the same ($8 for Bouchon, $10 for Mozza).

The company claims it will be the first in the country to allow guests to pay their parking fees with credit or debit cards.

Why didn't anyone do this sooner?

-- Betty Hallock

Photo: A Regent valet in Culver City. Credit: Ken Hively

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There's nothing wrong with valet parking. If you're willing to pay the cost, use the service. If not, you burn costly fuel and spew more smog into our air to find that elusive street spot. Which is the greater evil here?

It is fatal to incur charges like this as debt. People who live like this can run up huge debts + interest and are being screwed by both the valet company and the credit company. But in any case it is ludicrous to have to pay $10 just to have someone park your car when you can do it yourself. People in L.A. are such suckers to allow themselves to be charged fees just to park at a restaurant. Everyone should go only to restaurants with free parking. Then this rotten valet parking gouging would wither on the vine.

Save the $10 and park on Highland. Tons of free parking on both sides of the street.


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