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'Top Chef' Reunion: What would you cook with $500?

Fabio Props to Fabio Viviani for doing a stand-up job as host and moderator on last night's "Top Chef All Star Reunion." Thank goodness he didn't take on the style of Andy Cohen, obnoxious host of Bravo's "Real Housewives" reunions, who is seemingly afflicted by an addiction to Crest White Strips.

There were some classic outtakes and a couple of moments of good drama, but the best part was the announcement of the ballooned-up $500 budget to prepare one course for the communal dinner. Each team, which consisted of two members from each season, was given quite the hunk of dough to put together a single course. Sounds like a foodie fantasy fulfilled to me.

What one course would you put together for 11 guests with $500?

Maybe I'd test out one of the time-consuming dishes from the new Ad Hoc cookbook, since the "All Star" show had no time limitations. Or how about taking a stab at making Joel Robuchon's quail leg stuffed with foie gras with a side of truffle mashed potatoes from L' Atelier (though I probably wouldn't be able to pull it off as well as the Michelin monger himself). That might stack up to a generous $350. I'd spend the rest on a few bottles of killer, reasonably priced bottles of Oregon pinot (under $50), maybe something from Domaine Drouhin or Soter Beacon Hill.

-- Krista Simmons

Photo: Fabio Vibiani. Credit: NBC UMV

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I adore Fabio and wouldn't have watched it otherwise. I don't care what anyone else says he is awesome and will watch anything with him in it.

I agree the concept did suck; I could really do without reunions. But even though I'm personally not a huge fan of Fabio, I think he handled Macel's table-side attitude pretty well. If Marcel didn't want to discuss previous issues, he shouldn't have agreed to come on the show.

What on earth are you talking about? Are u dating Fabio? Did u even watch the show?

As an actor Fabio sucked, As a host Fabio sucked, as a human being connecting with other human beings on the show he sucked and as a fully prepared show host he sucked.. the only connection Fabio had was to the obvious preparation work done by others.

And while I am at it the concept of this show sucked.

It clearly was meant as a launching pad for Fabio's up coming series which I am predicting will of course---- suck.

Hahahah. Huh? Stand up job? What weird alternate reality were you streaming from? It was painfully embarrassing to watch Fabio stumble through the obvious and badly scripted "hey, weren't you two in conflict" scenarios. The only viewing pleasure came when Marcel put the smack down on this spam affair when asked if he felt a victim. "You mean, when they held me down in a choke-hold and threatened to forcibly shave my head? uh yeah, I guess so". His withering tone and sideways glance at all the stooges at the table said it all.


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