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Movie popcorn equals three Quarter Pounders with butter?

Would you order three Quarter Pounders just for yourself -- or for your kid -- and then slather the buns with 12 pats of butter and wash 'em down with some sugary pop?

Well, that's what you are doing when you settle in with a popcorn and a soda at one movie theater chain. A study by the Center for Science in the Public Interest found that a medium popcorn at this chain contained a whopping 1,200 calories, 60 grams of saturated fat and 980 milligrams of sodium.

1,200 calories? That's an entire day's caloric allotment for some.  

Even worse: That's the calorie count without the "buttery" topping. Find out which chain, and see if your local movie theater was included in the study:

Does this make you mad?

-- Rene Lynch

Photo: Matthew Staver / Bloomberg

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What makes me mad, Rene, is that you neglected to read the very article upon which your hysterical hyperbole is based. To wit . . .

"The study, published in the December issue of CSPI's Nutrition Action HealthLetter, found that in several cases the theater company calorie counts were lower than the numbers revealed in the study.

For example, Regal's figure of 720 calories for a medium popcorn was considerably lower than the one determined by CSPI. (The company declined to comment beyond a general statement.)"

Isn't there ANYTHING of more importance out there - oh, I don't know, let's say . . . heath care reform, the Iraq War and its debilitating effect upon Iraqis as well as Americans, voter fraud, child abuse & neglect, innocents on death row, our depleted economy and the unmitigated greed of Wall Street, the unlimited powers of the Patriot Act in a free country, terrorism, people who kick puppies . . . ANYTHING upon which you can make a positive contribution to affect change?

But you're trying to try to drum up the public's ire on junk food based on a very flawed report from an uncredited organization trying to make a name for itself.

Geez, honey, get a life.

Hey Dharma,

No ones telling you that you cant enjoy your popcorn however you want it. But as consumers, its good to know what we're putting into our bodies, especially those of us who have cholesterol issues and need to make better decisions for our health.

Plus, popcorn popped in coconut oil tastes no better than popcorn popped in canola oil--yet this study shows the difference is enormous (60 gms of fat vs. 5 gms of fat). The reason they keep using coconut oil is because its so cheap. This is something that will change hopefully.

I for one am glad these studies exist, to inform us about what were putting into our bodies. No one is outlawing popcorn, so calm down.

These joy-killers really need to get a life of their own and stop f---ing with mine. Due to financial circumstances, I now see movies in the theater twice a year. I pick the most interesting and/or well-reviewed movies, and I go to a nice theater - like the Arclight and I buy the biggest damned popcorn container the theaters have for sale, and I ask for double-extra liquid butter. This request usually elicits a smile or a strange look, in this land of frowning, miserable cholesterol-watchers. There's too much popcorn for one person, and I end up leaving behind a bucket that's 1/2 to 3/4 full, but so what? I paid for it.

Strangely enough, my cholesterol, blood pressure and everything else tests completely healthy and normal. Everyone else I know is taking cholesterol and/or blood pressure medication, and some are younger than I am, at 40. So leave my movie popcorn alone, you arrogant joy-killing schmucks.


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