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Foodies: The latest foot fetishists?

Bread shoes Gourmands have been known to like the funk of a good Camembert, but drinking out of a shoe? That's stepping across the line.

After stumbling across these Bread Shoes from DaDaDa studios, I began to smell a trend: Footwear designers seem to be steering their creative energy toward foodies. What's next, gladiator sandals with bacon straps?

True, the inside of a fresh baguette is pillowy and soft as an Ugg boot, but are these leavened slippers really meant to be worn? Or eaten with a slathering of, um, toe jam?

ChristianlouboutinshoeChristian Louboutin and Piper Heidsieck say that history is the inspiration behind their stiletto champagne flute collaboration. The shoe was influenced by the age-old Russian tradition of drinking out of the Bulsoi ballerinas' slippers. Their press release states that the practice was then "taken to new levels of excess on the stages of the Moulin Rouge in Belle Époque Paris. The practice evolved, with champagne served from a courtesan’s shoe becoming emblematic of an era when Europe was living life to the fullest."

Today, Louboutin's Hollywood boutique is hosting a party to celebrate the launch of the line, where guests will have their feet bathed in the champagne. (Recession? What recession?)

Baileys Irish Creme is also getting into the game; designers Alejandro Ingelmo, Farylrobin, Rafe, Shree Moni and Vanessa Noel have each partnered with the brand for the Baileys-inspired shoe line, which is set to debut this weekend at a pop-up shop on Robertson Drive.

Is foot fetishism the future of food?

--Krista Simmons

Photo: Bread shoes courtesy of DaDaDa Studios and Christian Louboutin

Piper Heidsieck champagne stilettos courtesy of Peter Lippman

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No one can ignore fashion Christian Louboutin. The well-known signature red sole high heels, and both the shape of the particularities of Christian Louboutin. In Europe and America, a large number of stars chasing the horse Louboutin shoes.

I visit your website practically every day and i like what are you doing with it. Many intresting articles and reviews on lots of hot topics and trends and you possess talent at writing.

I had to refresh the page 2 times to view this page for some reason, however, the information here was worth the wait.

This is too funny! Dont forget the pastry shoes by the Simmons. I think your on to something.

Great post! The bread shoes are funny, but the champagne stilletos are adorable! I want a pair!

thought you'd get a kick out of this...no pun intended.

Customer, asking shoe-salesperson about bread shoes: "Is that cheese I smell?"
Shoe-salesperson: "No, that's your foot."

Very good article. Im going to purchase those bread shoes for my foodie friends....how funny.

hilarious article!!!! very witty perspective...what are these people thinking, what is next underwear made out of veal?

great great work


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