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Barbados makes the belly happy

Barbados I came to Barbados for the flying fish sandwiches.

Not that this small island at the easternmost edge of the Caribbean doesn't offer other attractions. Like perfect weather. And beaches that come in two flavors -- Caribbean, which has a sea that is turquoise and tranquil, and into which the sun sets spectacularly every evening, and Atlantic, where the coastline is rocky and the sand is the color and consistency of cake flour.

Then there are the Barbadians themselves, people who are the very definition of friendly locals. And the fact that 300 years of British rule have left the island with some interesting Anglo-Caribbean quirks, including stone churches straight out of "Jane Eyre" and cricket players with dreadlocks.

Still for me, it was the flying fish sandwiches. And the macaroni pie. And the pepper sauce. Definitely the pepper sauce.

Because in my mind, the most compelling reason to travel anyplace is food. And Zagat -- holy book of the foodie traveler -- has proclaimed Barbados the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean. Read more here:

Chris Hardy / For the Times 

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The rum shops make the best fish cutters. Try Joan's rum shop (of course, no signage; just look for Banks signs and locals playing dominoes) on Browne's Gap in Hastings, CC.

Great article - really captures the spirit and diversity of Bajan cuisine.

Next time be sure to stop by Lemon Arbour - a lovely cookshop in St. John with a deck overlooking the countryside. The cou cou and pork stew are truly delicious... and for something a little different try the pickled sea cat!

Of course flying fish is also on the menu :)


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