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Vegan Month of Food recipe: Thin wheat crackers -- er, Grissini! [Updated]

Grissini [Update: Well, I just knew it had to happen. I've been trying to post to a vegan recipe a day for Vegan Month of Food. 

And -- duh -- this morning I linked to a nonvegan recipe for these thin wheat crackers. Thanks to everyone who promptly wrote to point out eggs are not vegan.

And apologies for the oversight.]

So here's your really truly vegan vegan recipe for the day: Grissini -- homemade breadsticks that are oh-so-easy to make --  instead of these thin wheat crackers.

-- Rene Lynch


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Photo: Kirk McKoy / Los Angeles Times

[Update: The earlier version of this post also misspelled the photographer's first name.]

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No worries. Mistakes happen. Thanks for the new recipe!

To be fair, the recipe gives vegan substitutions for the milk and honey, but EGG!? What kind of cracker needs egg in the first place? I am with the other commenters: this borders on offensive and insulting.

Eggs, milk and honey are not vegan.

What idiot wrote this? Vegan month you insult us with a nowhere near vegan recipe? Eggs and dairy AND honey are not vegan.

You're aware that not eggs, milk nor honey are vegan, yes?

Are you kidding? This recipe could only be less vegan if you put some meat in it! Eggs, honey AND milk? WTF!


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