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N.Y. & C. Pizza plans grand opening this week


There's New York pizza. And there's Chicago pizza. Leave it to four guys who own a Southern-themed sports bar in Santa Monica to come up with the idea of opening a pizza joint wholly devoted to both. That idea comes to fruition this week when N.Y. & C. Pizza celebrates its grand opening on Thursday.

The left side of the restaurant is representative of New York, decorated with Big Apple memorabilia, and the right side is dedicated to Chicago. The same kitchen makes both "authentic deep-dish Chicago-style pizza and thin-crust New York pizza," says partner Adam Milstein. (He and his partners, Philip Boyd, Robyn Landrum and Chris Shanley, also own and operate South, the Westside bar that serves Hurricanes and 'gator wings.) Says Milstein: "We thought, why not do both?" 

Why not, indeed.

1120 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, www.nyandcpizza.com. Beer and wine. Open till 4 a.m.

-- Betty Hallock

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The site is up now and has all the hours, menu, directions all that good stuff. The hours per the site are Sun - Weds 11am - 2am and Thurs - Sat 11am - 3am (so they are open a bit later for the week end).

My coworkers were all eager to try this place today but when we called to place our order we heard a message saying that it wasn't open yet?

This place is already open, though!

It's good idea to join both different elements together.

Lame website! No Menu! No Address! No Phone number, No opening hours! What is up with that? At least the Times gave the address.

I'm from Chicago, and while a good portion of people I know wouldn't touch NYC pizza and consider it to be essentially cardboard with tomatto sauce, this place sounds like a good idea. I understand that Chicago is most known for deep-dish but it is worth noting that out thin crust ain't half bad either (Must be cut into small, palm sized squares. Pizza is a sit-down meal around here and the on-the-go, giant slice mentality doesnt hold water. Triangles are a dead giveaway that it's crappy chain pizza). Bringing both together allows someone to get the gist of both styles and it will offer some weary travelers a taste of home. I've traveled to many states and talked to a lot of people who only know Pizza Hut or Domino's. This could be a great thing if done right. Good luck to them. I'll be sure to stop by when I'm in the area and try it out.


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