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Eater will pay you $25 to shut down your food blog

Eater will pay you to shut down your food blog If you've ever thought about starting your own food blog, today is the day to do it. Why? Because Eater, in conjunction with the launch of Eater National, will pay you $25 to shut it down. Is Eater's offer awesome, bold, obnoxious, desperate or a joke? You be the judge. But Eater's halfhearted attempt to become the Andrew Carnegie of the food blogosphere hasn't received a warm response.

Part of the point of Eater National is to parse, aggregate and save you from the massive amount of noise generated by the digital food universe... Given that the internet is about 1,000,000 cutesy food blogs too vast, for a limited time only, Eater is offering $25 to any food blogger who will agree to shut his or her food blog down (and post this yellow notice on the site).

Eater, which is owned by Curbed, also launched a redesign of its existing network of sites, which now feature "sponsored posts" (i.e. advertisements) in the main body of the blog and mini-maps alongside many posts. In addition to its New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco sites, Eater plans to launch sites for Chicago, Miami and Portland, Ore.

Forget it, kid. This town just ain't big enough for your food blog and Eater.

-- Elina Shatkin
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Utterly ridiculous.

This is stupid. Anyone who has run a blog knows that they put a lot of time and energy into it. A real, even half-hearted blog is not going to take $25. But someone going in, starting a blogher account and then putting a yellow notice on it for $25 doesn't seem like a bad way to earn a few dollars. But then, what's the point? They've shuttered an empty blog?

Not a bad idea...buy off the competition!

As an advocate for healthy eating, food consciousness and diabetes prevention, I can only hope that eater does not follow the path of chowhound, yelp, and roadfood. More food blogs centered around health is what we need.

I personally detest food blogs, professional or amateurs they're all noise and does nothing but turning the internet into a digital landfill.

Americans are getting way too fat, and no one is talking about it. Stop the noise.

I can think of a food blog or two that might be good candidates for this innovative program.

It's for real. The yellow notice contains a link back to Eater's site, which can help it in the search rankings.

But Google frowns on paid links, so this might backfire.

I guess any press is good press...?

Ironic since a good chunk of their site consists of links to other food blogs. It got them a lot of press, but not good press!

Personally, I get the feeling it's a publicity stunt. I can't imagine that Eater realistically expected many people to take them up on their offer. But it is a smart way for them to create buzz around their redesign and get eyeballs on their pages.

Weird. Is this for real?


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