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Another lovely challah

September 22, 2009 |  3:22 pm


A reader in Tennessee made this beautiful challah after reading our story about Alain Cohen, the owner of Got Kosher? Provisions, and his preparations for Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year.

Nancy Richer sent Cohen the photographs from her home in Knoxville. But she sent something more -- a story.

"My Father was a soldier in World War II and fought all over North Africa with the Goumier," including on Djerba, an island off Tunisia, she wrote. Djerba is where Cohen's family comes from, and where, he says, such challahs are made for the holiday.

Richer wrote that her father "rescued a large cache of Safer Torahs that were hidden by the head Rabbi of Tunisia from the Nazis."

Cohen says Richer's "father was one of the soldiers who kicked the Army of Rommel out of Tunisia and saved my father’s life (who was drafted in forced labor camps by the Nazis) without even speaking of the Torahs."

He also says her challahs look better than his!

-- Mary MacVean

Photo: Nancy Richer