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Dashboard dining, meet California's new menu labeling laws

September 11, 2009 |  5:34 pm

Eating while driving What do you eat in the car? Sandwiches are easy, grapes are a healthy choice, crunchy tacos and drippy hamburgers are just too messy -- at least when you’re eating while driving.

Americans don’t want to eat messy foods while driving, a preference that has made fast food restaurants and food makers take notice, says an article from reporternews.com.

The Dashboard Dining Index Study, a 2005 study by Kelton Research, found that about 30% of Americans eat in their cars at least twice a week. The study randomly selected participants from fast food drive-throughs and surveyed them after eating a specific menu item about the messiness, convenience and portability of the food. Read more here:

Photo credit: Thomas Metthe / Reporter-News