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Burger King to give NASCAR's Tony Stewart a polygraph test about his Whopper love

September 29, 2009 |  7:30 pm


In today's paper the very prolific Dan Neil writes about a new Burger King ad campaign that Neil points out goes a long way toward shattering one of advertising's most effective illusions. That would be that when a celebrity endorses a product, he or she is probably lying about loving it.

In the ad, which will be broadcast live during an Oct. 20 webcast, NASCAR driver Tony Stewart will be hooked up to a polygraph machine and asked, "Does Tony really love Burger King's Whopper sandwich?" Neil goes on to point out that folks in front of the TV don't actually believe that Sarah Jessica Parker uses Garnier, or that Paris Hilton loves Carl's Jr. The list goes on and on. If Stewart passes his Whopper-love test, that might have to change.

And it probably won't be hard for him to pass a polygraph test. Stewart looks like a guy who really does eat a Whopper every now and again. That said, I'll probably still be suspicious if he passes. Who knows if the machine being used in the webcast really is a polygraph machine? And maybe Stewart is actually on a macrobiotic diet. You really can't believe anything you see on TV.

-- Jessica Gelt

Photo: Burger King

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