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'Top Chef: Las Vegas': The Voltaggio brothers bring the charm

August 27, 2009 |  4:30 pm

Bryan-voltaggio Sometimes the gene pool seems unjust (think Brangelina's swoon-worthy progeny). Michael and Bryan Voltaggio are bringing that same you-can't-take-your-eyes-off-us envy to the culinary world in "Top Chef: Las Vegas." Not only are these two wildly talented and creative, but they're total hotties to boot. And if Wednesday night's episode is any indicator, they're going to be top contenders in the game. 

Michael-voltaggio During this week's quickfire, the chefs bellied up to the craps table, where they were given the assignment of creating a dish with the number of ingredients rolled (thankfully, no one rolled snake eyes). Billows of nitrogen surrounded Michael's manly, tatted-up silhouette as he created his gazpacho with compressed cucumbers, which gave him immunity in the next round. Bryan was on the bottom rung during the quickfire, which seemed to ignite his creativity for the elimination challenge. 

For the elimination, the chefs prepared meals for bachelor and bachelorette parties that paired with some pretty nasty-looking shots of alcohol. The contestants were divided up -- with the men cooking for the bachelorettes, and the women cooking for the bachelors. It was a bit shocking when it turned out that both parties were in the same location -- a gambit not exactly conducive to premarital kicks.  

Bryan's macaroon filled with corn nuts, guacamole and corn puree had his fellow contestants poking fun at him during prep, but Todd English, Padma and Tom were completely wowed. Big brother made a mighty comeback.

But while the Voltaggio bros had back-to-back success, Eve pulled a double dingbat move, presenting the judges with the same bland shrimp two weeks in a row. I guess they all can't be as sharp as the Voltaggio boys...

-- Krista Simmons

Photo: At left, Michael Voltaggio. At right, Bryan Voltaggio. Courtesy of NBC Universal